Hollywood has a reputation for liberalism. It’s easy to assume most celebrities lean to the left but these unbelievably vote Republican.

1. Denzel Washington

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Though some of these Republican celebrities keep their political views to themselves, Washington is quite forward about his views. Not to mention, he is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

2. Caitlyn Jenner

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Perhaps most shockingly, Caitlyn Jenner holds to her Conservative values and proudly votes Republican. She has recently tried to become a republican voice for the LGBT community.

3. Lindsay Lohan

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Another celebrity who is strongly Republican is Lindsay Lohan. She even endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012 for his unemployment reform ideas.

4. Hilary Duff

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A star since childhood, Hilary Duf holds her conservative values despite the spotlight.

5. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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The iconic “The Rock” is a force for the Republican party. Really, he’s considered a moderate republican and fights for strong education programs and American principles.

6. Kris Jenner

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Mother of a quite liberal household, Kris Jenner isn’t afraid to show her support for Republican values. Like her ex, Caitlyn, she lives by her conservative values.

7. Stacey Dash

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Another Hollywood star who leans to the right quite publically is Stacey Dash. She has appeared on numerous shows and talks and never shies away from discussing politics.

8. Brett Favre

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One of the most well-known professional athletes, Brett Favre is a household name. He is also a proud supporter of the Republican Party.

9. Vince Vaughn

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As a strong advocate for gun ownership in response to mass shootings, Vince Vaughn has gained criticism in Hollywood. He remains a strong Republican despite living in the liberal Los Angeles.

10. Melissa Joan Hart

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Since her fame as a teenager, Melissa Joan has managed to stick to her conservative roots. She has remained dedicated to the Right in spite of being surrounded by liberals throughout her career.

11. Peyton Manning

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Another famous professional football player, Peyton Manning, isn’t afraid to show his support for the Republican Party. His conservative views are motivated by his religious beliefs which he holds dear.

12. Mel Gibson

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A classic star, Mel Gibson has stayed true to his conservative views. He is also a strong Christian which strengthens his political views and ideals.

13. Jessica Simpson

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A lifelong star, Jessica Simpson has never been afraid to show her support for the Republican Party. Growing up in Christianity, her beliefs and views are inspired by her father.

14. Drew Carey

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Drew Carey is a tried and true Republican, proudly claiming the title in public. He has donated to numerous Republican campaigns including Ron Paul’s.

15. Adam Sandler

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Comedian Adam Sandler is serious about his political views. He is a proud Republican and has donated to New York’s Rudy Giuliani’s campaign, among others.

16. Laura Prepon

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Laura Prepon, from Orange Is The New Black and That 70s Show is more Republican than Democrat. She isn’t afraid to speak up about her political views in public, either.

17. 50 Cent

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Somewhat unexpectedly, 50 Cent is one of the most conservative artists. He was a supporter of George Bush, saying he wished he could meet him in person and shake his hand in 2005.

18. Sylvester Stallone

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Hollywood superstar, Sylvester Stallone, is a stron Republican. He supported McCain’s campaign in 2008.

19. Bruce Willis

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Willis is strongly Republican and an advocate for 2nd amendment rights especially. He has reportedly voted Republican in every general election since 1988.

20. Owen Wilson

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While not vocal about his political views, Owen Wilson is a strong Republican. He attended the Young Republicans Convention in D.C. to show his support.

21. Britney Spears

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Another star since childhood, Britney Spears is surprisingly conservative. She was a supporter of President Bush and is an advocate for tax cuts across the board.

22. Nick Lachey

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A proud Republican, Nick Lachey was on the same page as his ex, Jessica Simpson, at least on a political level. He sides with the conservative right on most topics.

23. Heidi Montag

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Heidi Montag is a proud religious conservative. Despite her career as a TV reality star, she remains Republican.

24. Kelsey Grammer

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Though he played the role of a liberal doctor on Fraiser, Grammer is a strong Republican. He sides with the Right and isn’t afraid to share his political views.

25. James Earl Jones

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That’s right, the man behind Darth Vader’s voice is a strong Republican. He publicly voiced his disappointment in the Obama administration.

26. Sarah Michelle Gellar

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A proud Republican, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a conservative to her core.

27. Kelly Clarkson

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Known for her singing career, Kelly Clarkson is a conservative and always votes Republican.

28. Big Boi

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Another surprising artist to find on this list is Big Boi from Outcast. He is proud surporter of republican views and has self-declared as libertarian.

29. Gloria Estefan

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Cuban singer Gloria Estefan is strongly and publicly Republican. She even was hired by President George W. Bush in 2000 to speak at the United Nations.

30. LL Cool J

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Famous actor and TV host LL Cool J is a known Republican. He showed respect for Obama but voted for McCain in 2004.

31. Cindy Crawford

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Model Cindy Crawford is a proud Republican. She has endorced a number of Republican candidates including George W. Bush and Mitt Romney.

32. Shannen Doherty

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A career-long Hollywood star, Shanne Doherty hasn’t been tempted away from her conservativem roots. She is known to vote right despite her liberal peers.

33. Tom Selleck

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Tom Selleck has also been known to vote Republican. He has strong conservative views and endorsed President George W. Bush’s campaign.

34. Heather Locklear

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A widely known conservative Hollywood resident, Heather Locklear was almost featured in a documentary exploring the lives of Republicans in Hollywood.

35. Gary Sinise

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An avid military supporter, Gary Sinise is a proud Republican. He is quite vocal about his support of American troops.

36. Alex Trebek

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One of the most well-known faces on television, Alex Trebek is a proud Republican. He has on many occasions publicly owned his conservative values.

37. Angie Harmon

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A self-described Liberal Republican, Angie Harmon isn’t afraid to share her conservative values. Still, she does support gay marriage rights.

38. Bo Derek

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Model and actress Bo Derek has sided with the Republican Party for most of her career. She is particularly passionate about the American military and works closely with veteran affairs.

39. Juliette Lewis

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Somewhat of a closet conservative is Juliette Lewis. She is known to have supported Republican candidate Ron Paul during his campaign.

40. Julie Bowen

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There’s nothing closeted about Julie Bowens political leanings. She credits her conservative views to being a mother which has given her a different perpective on the world.

41. Jenna Jameson

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Film star Jenna Jameson is quite publicly conservative. She supported Mitt Romney’s 2012 election as well as Marco Rubio in 2016.

42. Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Alongside his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. isn’t afraid to share his political views. He is proudly conservative coming from a polish-American working class family.

43. Mickey Rourke

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Another famous face is Mickey Rourke, who publicly supported George W. Bush and the Iraq War through much controversy. He remains a proud Republican and isn’t afraid to share it.

44. David Lynch

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Famous director, David Lynch, is a conservative despite his liberal movies. He sides with Republicans when he’s not backstage.

45. Rachel Hunter

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Model Rachel Hunter is an outspoken Republican and has supported Ronald Regan and theRepublican Party in the past. She especially supports the idea of limited federal power.

46. Leann Rimes

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Country star Leann Rimes isn’t very forward about her political views. However, she is known to be conservative and performed at a Republican fundraiser in 2011 which helped raise half a million for the Right.

47. David Blaine

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Magician David Blaine is no-games about his political affiliation. He famously supports the Republican Party.

48. Kirk Cameron

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80s star Kirk Cameron now spends his life with his family and being involved in the Church. He is known to side with Republican candidates who don’t support ideas like gay marriage.

49. Alice Cooper

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Though a rockstar, Alice Cooper is quite conservative in real life. He has publicly supported Trump, who he believes can “get the job done”.

50. Kevin Sorbo

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Best known as Hercules, Kevin Sorbo is a proud republican. This is despite his family’s strong afiliation to the Democratic Party. It is rumored, however, that he chooses to spend his time with strong conservative communities.