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You may have seen the comedy show Our Gang, also known as the Little Rascals, play on television late at night or have your grandparents talk to you about it. The short films were released between 1922 and 1944 and went where no film had gone before. They had children acting like children and all African American children playing with white children.

This is where the Little Rascals went the next seven decades after the show ended.

Jean Darling

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At just four years old, Jean Darling starred in 52 films of Our Gang. Six of those films had sound and were referred to as “talkies.” After her childhood acting career, she went one to become a journalist and writer. She later died in 2015 at the age of 93.

Lassie Lou Ahern

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Lassie Lou Ahern was only part of the Gang for about a year. She starred in the films starting in 1923 and stopped the next year. Her sister, Peggy, had also joined the show. Lassie and Peggy worked together throughout their careers and even came up with a duet song-and-dance show called the Ahern Sisters. Lassie lived until the age of 97 and passed away in 2018.

Peggy Ahern

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Peggy Ahern spent more time as part of Our Gang than her sister, Lassie. She filmed for three years, from 1924 to 1927 before partnering with her sister for The Ahern Sisters show. She became a piano teacher later in life and lived until the age of 95.

Bobby Hutchins

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Bobby Hutchins earned the nickname Wheezer from having so much energy and running around so much that he would be out of breath most of the time. He filmed Our Gang from 1927 to 1933. Unfortunately, Hutchins died at the age of 20 in a U.S. Air Force accident in 1943.

Tommy Bond

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Tommy Bond was discovered while coming out of a movie theater in Dallas. He went to star in the Our Gang films from 1931 to 1934 and then returned in 1936 as the character Butch. He later had a career with the U.S. Navy and filmed in two more films as Jimmy Olsen in Superman. He died at the age of 79 in 2005.

Allen Hoskins

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Allen Hoskins was just a baby when he first appeared in the Our Gang films. He became a fan favorite and starred in 102 films! He is even referred to as the first black-child star in Hollywood. Sadly, Hoskins died at the age of 59 from cancer and was laid to rest in an unmarked grave. Twenty years after his death a headstone was finally placed at his grave.

Joe Cobb

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Joe Cobb was known as “the fat kid” growing up. However, this didn’t hurt his popularity when he starred in Our Gang films from 1922 to 1929. In fact, he even made appearances afterwards. He retired from acting in 1940 and took a job an aircraft manufacturer.

Mary Ann Jackson

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Mary Ann Jackson earned her success when films started having sound in 1929. At the age of 20, she retired from acting, got married, and became a mother. She loved her time filming Our Gang.

Mickey Daniels

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Mickey Daniels’ unique look helped his popularity on Our Gang. He stopped filming with the crew at 12 years old and moved on to MGM studios. Unfortunately, acting didn’t work out for him as an adult and he became a taxi driver. He died at the age of 55 as a homeless alcoholic.

Dickie Moore

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Dickie Moore earned huge popularity as a child star from his time on Our Gang and starring in Oliver Twist. However, like so many other child stars, his fame didn’t last into his teen years. He died just before his 90th birthday after running a successful P.R. firm.

George McFarland

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George McFarland, also known as “Spanky,” filmed the longest out of everyone on Our Gang. He even got his own movie, General Spanky. He kept his acting career going until his death in 1993 at the age of 64. His last appearance was on the sitcom Cheers.

Janet Burston

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The last leading lady of Our Gang was Janet Burston who filmed until the end of the films in 1944. She shied away from Hollywood and lived a quiet life. She married four times and had multiple children. She died at the age of 63 from cancer.

Eugene Gordon Lee

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Eugene Lee earned the nickname Porky during his time on Our Gang. Most famous for his phrase, “O-tay!” Lee was fired from the show after he experienced a growth spurt and became taller than everyone else. He led a quiet life away from Hollywood and died at the age of 71 from cancer.

Matthew Beard

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Matthew Beard was joined by other family members in the films of Our Gang. He was on the show for five years. Growing up, like many child actors, Beard became addicted to drugs. When he got clean, he lectured to students about the dangers of drugs. He died at the age of 56 from a stroke.

Darla Hood

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Darla Hood would be associated with Our Gang throughout her entire life. She is even mentioned in the song “Purple Stain” by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. She died at the young age of 47 after contracting acute hepatitis.

Jackie Lynn Taylor

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Jackie Lynn Taylor only appeared in five Our Gang films. She would earn her recognition from her time as a presenter on the first ever daily variety show in LA. San Francisco Examiner named her TV Woman of Year in 1955. She died at the age of 88 from Alzheimer’s

Billie Thomas

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Billie Thomas starred in the films for ten years as Buckwheat. However, the portrayal of black children would not be tolerated today. Fans loved Thomas and even received a standing ovation during a convention just before his death in 1980 at the age of 49.

Jackie Cooper

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Jackie Cooper went on to become a big name in Hollywood after starring in Our Gang films. He even received an Oscar nomination for his performance in Skippy in 1931. Fun fact: Cooper and Spanky McFarland are the only members from Our Gang to have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Carl Switzer

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Carl Switzer played the beloved Alfalfa in the films. Unfortunately, he died at the young age of 31 from a gunshot to the groin during an argument about money. What’s even sadder is that the media didn’t report on his death as much as they should have because Cecil B. DeMille died on the exact same day.

Robert Blake

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Robert Blake is the only Little Rascal who is still alive. He starred in the films from 1939 to 1944. He was acquitted for the murder of his wife, who was shot in a parked car, in 2005. Currently, Blake is bankrupt and hasn’t had an acting gig since 1997.