Image: Bark Post


According to animal shelter statistics, over 11 million dogs and cats go missing each and every year. It’s a sad truth one has to face and as a pet owner it is so vitally important that you make sure your pet is secure in your home or yard. Many times, it can be as simple as leaving a gate open that can lead to your beloved pooch being lost forever.

Jose Ruiz and his shar pei/rottweiler mix, Junior had been together since the dog had been a pup. They shared an unbreakable bond and together, they could easily take on the world. Unfortunately, one summer day, the unimaginable happened and Junior escaped his yard.

Junior’s escape would lead to a frantic search that would take social media by storm and lead Jose all over Miami, Florida. It would also create a viral story that included a kind rookie firefighter who happened to be at the right place at the right time. This is the story of one lucky dog and the selfless man who saved his life.