What do you expect to find if you set out to sail on your boat with your other half? A romantic evening? Beautiful Memories? Some peace? Well, this family had one such evening where they got to experience feelings from fascination to panic to relief– all in a very short span of time.

Dee and Robert Gecy are residents of Beaufort County, South Carolina, where they live with their family. One evening they decided to spend a quiet evening in their boat on the Harbor River. However, they had no idea that their evening was going to be anything but quiet!

While cruising, they spotted something strange above the waterline that changed their whole evening.

While they were cruising near the McTeer Bridge- the connecting link between Lay’s Island and Beaufort, they noticed something strange in the scenery. It appeared like an octopus climbing up the bridge! The sight was obviously unusual and the couple thought that they were witnessing something spectacular, and it intrigued their interest.

But they had to decide- whether to get closer or run for life! Bishop Gecy

The couple decided to steer closer to the bridge to get a better look at what was going on. But as soon as they moved to a closer distance, their astonishment turned into instant panic. The orange colored and weirdly shaped creature that they thought was octopus was in reality not an octopus at all!

Instead, it was something that made their heart sink. Bishop Gecy

The creature was actually a small, possibly only a month old kitten. What was more distressing though was the fact that the kitten wasn’t playing but was hanging on for its life to the oyster pilings attached at the bottom of the bridge. And, it seemed as if the kitten was losing its grip and could fall off into the water at any given moment.

The couple’s very first instinct on getting hit with the truth was to help the poor kitten somehow. They knew had very less time to save the kitten and had to act very quickly to prevent any mishap. On being interviewed by the local magazine, Beaufort Gazette, later on, all Robert could say was this, “We were in disbelief.” They were not even sure if they would be able to do something before it was too late.

Dee decided to film their family’s rescue attempt, and she captured the whole event in her camera. The film shows how the Gecy’s kept trying to get closer to the oyster pilling while they were constantly being pushed away by the strong current in the opposite direction, the kitten’s visible distress and the family’s wholehearted efforts to save the kitten. But they needed to get real close to the pilling to do anything! Bishop Gecy

Since the kitten was in obvious distress and looked terrified, Dee tried to comfort her with words but it did not seem to help at all. Luckily, soon enough the family could get their boat closer. And they noticed that the kitten was shivering with fear and had also injured itself. There were gashes all over her belly. But as it turned out, they still weren’t close enough to reach it. Bishop Gecy

After a long fight with a strong tide, the Gecy family finally got their boat within reaching distance to the oyster pilling that the kitten was hanging on to. Without wasting even a second, they pulled the kitten from the oyster pilings and placed her in the safety of their boat. The kitten, however, was still visibly shaken up. Royal Veterinary Hospital

Moreover, the kitten seemed to be dehydrated. So, the family agreed that it wouldn’t be right to live it on its own; they took the kitten home instead. On reaching home, they cleaned up and dried the kitten, then provided it with water and food. With Gecy family’s intensive care, the kitten healed quickly. Dee later revealed the whole story… Bishop Gecy

Dee shared the footage captured by her on her Facebook page. She posted the video with the caption, “We rescued a tiny kitten today that appears to have been thrown off the bridge. He couldn’t be much more than four or five weeks. He was very lucky and only appears to have minor scrapes from the oysters. His name is McTeer.” Bishop Gecy

Dee’s video post went viral in no time and received over 150k views in a very short span. Many people also commented their concern and offered to adopt McTeer. However, McTeer was now a part of the Gecy family. So, Robert replied to the comments as, “Thank you for all the wonderful comments. McTeer is doing fantastic! He is healthy, full of energy and already spoiled rotten.” Gecy

On being asked about his views on the incident, Robert told the reports from The Beaufort Gazette that he wasn’t sure how the kitten got there; he was sceptical about two possibilities- either someone had tried to throw McTeer off the bridge or he could have slipped on his own. He said, “It was very odd circumstances as to where we found him.” Royal Veterinary Hospital

The Gecy family was adamant to make sure that McTeer was doing well and soon as he got some energy, they took him to the Port Royal Veterinary Hospital for a health check-up. The on-duty vet, Mikay Campbell told the family and the reporters McTeer was indeed in a remarkably good shape, considering everything.

But where did he go after the treatment? Bishop Gecy

McTeer now lives a happy life full of love, doting, cuddles and lots of nap time. And, the Gecy family has been deemed ‘heroes’ by the Internet. But despite everything, the Gecy family says that they are just a simple family and no heroes as they did what anyone else who would have seen the kitten in that situation would have done.

And, the best part is that both McTeer and the Gecy family seem more than happy to have found each other.