We live in a world that we consider things to be good or bad, right or wrong. But our world is actually much more gray than we probably care to admit. When we argue politics, religion or any other touchy subject, we often get trapped in how we are correct and how the other argument is invalid. Instead, we need to start worrying more about the benefits that both sides of the argument bring.

Look at the U.S. political climate right now, for example. It is so divisive that most aren’t even sure which side of the isle they actually side with anymore. The political elite tend to pander to what they think people want, and not what is actually good for the country. When Barack Obama was elected, the other side stated multiple times that their only goal was to make him a one term president. The actual goal should have been to work out a way to keep the country moving in a way that the people wanted.

Semir Osmanagic via World Pyramids

This is all a long lead up to the crazy story of Semir Osmanagic, the archaeologist that is considered by some a modern Indiana Jones, and many others, a damaging joke to the archaeological community. It is a long journey that takes us from actual provable science, to the end result which ends up being a positive for many. We will also discuss his new discovery, why it is being looked at with some speculation, and how this single man has the entire community to which he claims to belong up in arms.



Semir Osmanagic claims to have found pyramids in Bosnia and now giant spheres that are a hint of a civilization which is lost to history. Just one discovery like this would make an individual a name in the history books and now he is claiming that he found two. The question is, why is he making the claims, are they correct, and should the man even be practicing the science? These are valid issues that need to be addressed in a civil manner and with some form of the “gray” we spoke about earlier. While some of this article will likely not paint Semir in the kindest of lights, know that there is a silver lining (almost literally) that comes from this. So don’t dismiss this article if it becomes too critical of a “scientist” you are a particular fan of because, honestly, whether he means to or not, Mr. Osmanagic is doing the world some good – even if he is giving it a bit of a headache in the process. All will be discussed on the next pages.

Visočica Hill


The whole story starts with Semir Osmanagic finding a pyramid in Bosnia, which he claims is just one of many. The evidence is pretty clear from a visual standpoint. Look at the image and you can see why these look like ancient lost pyramids.



At first glance you can see three, maybe, four pyramids similar to those built in Egypt. The problem is science is more than just a visual guess and then leave it at that.

You see, the pyramids are being embraced by the Bosnian’s as the Pyramid of the Sun, which many claim is the most important discovery in Europe in over a century. Hold tight to find out if this claim is true.



Semir Osmanagic may consider himself an archaeologist, but he has no formal training. He also has a strong belief that the Mayans are descendants of aliens and in spite of all of this the Bosnian’s are strongly behind his discovery of the valley of pyramids.

These pyramids are estimated to be 12,500 years old, according to Osmanagic. They are much younger according to the scientific community though. In fact, they don’t actually exist.

This isn’t getting int he way of many volunteers pouring in to uncover the secrets of this historical find. In the face of science disproving any sort of truth behind this, through core samples which show that these are simply mountains, the people of Bosnia treat Osmanagic as a hero.

A depiction of what the Pyramid may have once looked like

A depiction of what the Pyramid may have once looked like

Things became even more of a circus when UNESCO started funding an excavation of what Osmanagic claims is at least five pyramids from a mysterious civilization that lives over 12,500 years ago.

“People identify with what we are doing here because they know we are not elitist scientists. Everyone can join in,” Osmanagic. “We employ about 50 people on the site but we get hundreds of volunteers coming in every week.

”We have brought the first good news here in a long time and only conservative and narrow-minded scientists are unable to recognize that. Local archaeologists are mostly driven by envy and the international ones don’t want to accept the fact that civilization spread from here to them and not the other way around.”

Lets continue onto the next page to see what the international scientific community says about this discovery.

The Bosnian Pyramids from afar via thebihlover

The Bosnian Pyramids from afar via thebihlover


This is a strong argument and one that does put the burden of proof on the scientific community in some ways. But, critics, such as Anthony Harding, president of the European Association of Archaeologists, say that this is actually harming science after a visit to the site. He obviously is not a fan of what is going on here.

“The whole thing is a total absurdity,” he said. “There is some genuine archaeology on the hill and I’m told it’s medieval, possibly Bronze Age or Roman. But the speculation that there could be a 12,000-year-old structure beneath is a complete fantasy and anyone with basic knowledge of archaeology or history should recognize that.”

That, in a nutshell, is the setup for what may be an actual discovery and why the whole thing is a bit harder to swallow after this debacle occurred. But as promised, continue to read on to learn how there is some positive to come out of Bosnia because of this. Following is a short slideshow of the mountains/pyramids so you can decide for yourself, after that, check we will continue on to talking about the mysterious spheres he has discovered.



It is very hard not to see why he believes so strongly that these are pyramids and the other scientists have it all wrong.

A portion of what Semir has dug up

A portion of what Semir has dug up

Semir posing beside one of the crevices/tunnels discovered (man made or natural? You decide)

Semir posing beside one of the crevices/tunnels discovered (man made or natural? You decide)


Mountains or Pyramids. Either side could be correct and the images are compelling, but we may never have answers everyone can agree on. Following is the mystery spheres Semir has discovered.

The Mystery Spheres


Now on to the newer discovery. Giant round balls found throughout Bosnia, about 20 of them in fact, have started a debate again. This time, the science has not had time to test the findings, so it is one persons word against a communities. And opinions are divided.

As we discussed earlier, people like things to be right or wrong and this argument is falling right in the center of that idea. Osmanagic states that there were 80 of these stone spheres originally and they point to an ancient civilization at least 1,500 years old.

This would mean that Semic has discovered two different lost civilizations in a very short period of time. As we discussed with the pyramids, the findings were false, but how would we find near perfect spheres if they were not man made (don’t look to the shape of the planets or this whole thing falls apart) and if they aren’t man made, how did they come to be (again, don’t look up at the Moon tonight)?

One of the Spheres via News.au

Now, arguments could be made that these spheres are much too round and the planets are much less smooth, but keep scale in mind. Obviously, I am writing from the camp that does not think that these spheres are man made, but the question is this; am I skeptical because of his history or because of my own scientific background?

“I’ve been researching prehistoric stone ball phenomenon for 15 years,” wrote on a blog entry recently. He found granite stone balls in southern Costa Rica, volcanic stone spheres in Mexico and on Easter Island, then he came back to Bosnia.



So what of the 80 spheres that are now 20? Osmanagic claims that many were stolen and put in peoples backyards, or destroyed because of the rumor that gold was inside each. But, the sedimentation on the spheres hint at the age which leads him to his theory of an ancient civilization.

“[It’s proof] that southern Europe, Balkan and Bosnia in particular, were home for advanced civilizations from distant past and we have no written records about them,” he said.


A Better View via News.au

The other side of the argument comes from a number of critics, including Mandy Edwards of the University of Manchester’s School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences stating to MailOnline that the rock is likely not man-made but formed by “precipitation of natural mineral cement within the spaces between sediment grains.”

While the science is still out on the rocks, the argument continues from both sides as to what they are.


Spheres Found in Costa Rica via World Mysteries

While science and Semir are at odds, these aren’t the first stone spheres to be found in the world. They are actually found all over the world. These spheres from Costa Rica seem to be man made and Semir even found some in the area, or at least visited them. So it is not out of the realm of possibility that he did, indeed, find something that was man made. The issue is that the spheres that are discovered like these are generally very smooth and created with tools, the ones he found seem to be much rougher and less deliberate in their formation. That isn’t to make a statement on which argument is correct, but it does give some credence to the argument that Semir is making about the stones he has found.

The Silver Lining


So, I will admit that so far this has been a fairly negative piece about the findings of Mr. Osmanagic. That isn’t because of a personal vendetta I have against the gentleman, just a particular appreciation for the science that goes into each of the discoveries we find.

More importantly, this is a piece that discusses the positives that can come from something that could be viewed by many as a negative. You see, when the pyramids became more popular the tourism in the area increased.

Increased tourism lead to small souvenir shops popping up, selling all types of items based on the Pyramids of the Sun. This brought in a significant amount of income to individuals that had struggled before.

The Man Himself via Wikipedia

So why the answers are likely black and white as far as science and Semir are concerned, the damage that he is doing is more of a gray area. He has brought notice to a previously unknown area in Bosnia, giving those that have had a hard life a way to ease it.

This is a long and difficult piece about a man that may be a genius in his own right while also being a danger to those that do not do their research. At the same time, it is about how the actions of individuals can take a situation that creates heated debate against some of the most scholarly individuals out there and turn it into something exciting and fun, as well as a way to make a living.

The same thing happened in Area 51. Before the conspiracies captured our imaginations, there was struggle. Now, even if we don’t believe that aliens are being held in Area 51, the surrounding shops are fun to visit, buy from and fantasize about what if.

So the question now is what will these spheres bring to the people that live nearby? Will they be able to build up a small community of shops and tourist attractions? If so, can you really disagree with what Osmanagic is doing?