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We all have memories of the shows we grew up with. Some of us were on top of the latest shows for our age, others watched shows on Nick-at-Night or other channels that gave us the ability to see the popular shows from decades before we were born. Regardless of what you watched, you probably know a great deal about most of the stars that were big in the 60’s.

Shows like The Brady Bunch, and Gilligan’s Island stood the test of time and are still popular to this day. While not all of the stars have aged gracefully, and a few have left us, their stories are interesting. Some stayed in the public eye, others used their early fame to allow them the financial freedom to do what they wanted with their life out of the public spotlight.

Even those that left a career on the screen still show up from time to time. Generally, they attend conventions or award shows that honor the work they did early in their lives. Some take a detour down the wrong road just to come back later and make a name for themselves to a new generation. Many of these stars were beloved at the time, lost public favor for years and then found a totally different audience due to a new type of attitude. The first individual on the list is a perfect example of that.


In the following list, we are going to look at some of the biggest names from the 60’s and see where they are now. There are a few, as mentioned, that are no longer with us, but deserve to be on this list either way. A few have gone downhill since their peak of fame, and others have become even more loved over the years. There is a little bit of everything on this list and you will be surprised at a few of the stars that may have been forgotten by a new generation. Enjoy!