Danny Bonaduce-The Partridge Family

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Finding his first role on television on Bewitched in 1969, Danny Bonaduce barely makes this list. It was in 1970 that he stared in The Partridge Family that made him a household name. Over the years he was honored by the Young Artist Foundation with its Former Child Star “Lifetime Achievement” Award, but unlike others on this list, he had a bit of a rough go as he became the man he is today.

Starting in 1985, he had a failed three year marriage to Setsuko Hattori, which quickly led to a more successful marriage in 1990, when he got married to Gretchen Hillmer on the same day as their first blind date. That marriage lasted 16 years. He is now married to Amy Railsback, 23 years his junior.

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On March 9th, 1990, Danny was arrested while trying to buy cocaine, which happened while he was in Florida to hold an event for D.A.R.E. to help children fight against drugs. He was a popular radio host at the time but was suspended due to the arrest and wen’t into therapy and rehab.

Now he hosts a popular radio show, wrestles and boxes. He has turned everything around and is healthier and in better shape than at any other point in his life.


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