Back to school is almost here, which means your life will be shifting from relaxation to chaos very soon. But don’t panic just yet! We have the secret weapon for getting you and your family back into the swing of things…your crockpot.

Crockpots, also referred to as slow cookers, are a godsend for moms bogged down by a hectic schedule. Crockpot cooking requires minimal prep time and minimal effort—two things that a busy mom loves to hear—and we’re betting that after you try it once, you won’t want to stop.

Here’s how it works: simply place the ingredients in the cooker, turn the temperature setting on low, and come home at the end of your day to a hot and ready meal. It’s really that easy! Plus, crockpots offer endless potential in terms of what they are capable of producing—from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between including dessert! So, whether you have a picky eater, food allergies to consider, or want to keep things fresh and healthy, your crockpot is up for the challenge.

Now the question is, what will you do with all your extra time? How about Finally running those errands you’ve been putting off for weeks? Spend some quality “me” time at the gym? Focus on that business presentation that’s coming up? The options are limitless.

It’s about time you dust off this kitchen essentials and get in tune with the meal-time lifesaver that both you and your family will love. So if you’re ready to keep your family full and happy, even when you’re all on the go, then try these 20 mouthwatering crockpot recipes: