20. A Household Chore Makes A Couple Famous


A usual household chore of taking apart a soffit made Florida-based couple an object of media attention nationwide. As they set out to search for the actual owners of the interesting memorabilia found in their kitchen attic, the couple realized they had unknowingly uncovered someone’s precious memories. They were apprehensive about the things they dug out of the attic. They didn’t want to offend the actual owners of those things. But curiosity got the better of them.

19. A Thing For Fixtures


Megan Kapsidis, 31, is a proud wife because her husband Bobby has a thing for fixtures. That’s because the 34-year-old Bobby is an aircraft mechanic from Sierra Vista, Arizona. They had bought a house in 2009 but they shifted only in June this year. What they hadn’t expected was how their usual fixing chores would lead them to a gift to remember for a lifetime.

18. New Life Begins With Repairs


The couple started out with doing some repairs in the house. On her Facebook post on June 1, Megan had written,“ some before and during pictures just to show that we haven’t burnt the palace down yet.” Clearly, Megan was excited and more than ready to show off her new abode. A little attention on Facebook would soon become a topic of interest nationwide.

17. An Alligator From The Closet


Bobby Kapsidis worked pretty late that night on his kitchen ceiling. Megan wrote on her Facebook post that while she didn’t enjoy the sound, she is proud that he was working so hard. Bobby took a crowbar to tear apart a soffit that was slightly off-path in their kitchen. A few minutes into the drilling, he was totally shocked when something just came out of nowhere and hit his face. It was a brown leather purse with an unmistakable shape of an alligator. It looked extremely creepy. But they wondered, “Was it real?”.

16. Was It Really The Alligator Skin?


Megan was amused to find this 1940-50s purse that had a stamp stating it was from Cuba and realized it really might have been made out of a baby alligator skin. It was complete with the head, tail, and legs stitched into its back and front. While she was proud of her husband, she wasn’t exactly going to use that purseever. It looked gross and to Megan’s mind, it carried strange vibes.

15. There Was More


While Bobby and Megan didn’t find anything of consequence inside the purse, it was another round of drilling that finally excited them. Megan wrote in her Facebook post, “stuff just keeps falling from our ceiling! Now it’s someone’s wedding album.” Why would anyone hide something as important as a wedding album in a kitchen attic? Megan and Bobby wondered.

 14. Memories From Long Ago


The album looked pale and dusty. But upon opening, treasures from a past era came out. The wedding pictures looked so warm and beautiful. There was something very vintage about the album. Megan saw it was a traditional white wedding with the bride and the groom dressed in wedding attire. Definitely 60s fashion. Since they were all black and white photos, Megan couldn’t make out the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. The only question that kept bothering her was if it was a secret wedding that the pair wanted to hide from the rest of the world for all these years and if they were the first to discover it.

13. Whose Wedding Was It?


The wedding album also contained an invitation card that gave away the name of the said couple – Marguerite and Joseph Garguilo and dated September 14th, 1963, at 4 pm. The couple had gotten married in Brooklyn, New York.

So if this couple owned Megan and Bobby’s house once, why didn’t they carry the wedding album with them? What was so secretive about it? The more Megan thought about it, the more curious she got.

 12. I Am Going To Find Them


Megan was finding it very hard to contain her curiosity. She decided to find Joseph and Marguerite. Sure enough, she put up a Facebook status and asked her friends to spread the word. Little did she realize back then that this post would go viral and spark a nation-wide search for the owners of the album. Umm, she didn’t sign up for this, though.

11. Wedding on the 87th Street


There were more details on the invite. Turned out the venue of the wedding was St. Thomas Apostle Roman Catholic Church on 87th Street and 88th Avenue in Woodhaven, Queens, New York. The reception was held at the Senior Petty Officers Mess at Brooklyn’s New York Naval Shipyard. Now, this was quite a public place to get married. So at least one of Megan’s questions was answered: it happened ceremoniously before witnesses.

 10. The Post Goes Viral


Megan received thousands of comments on her post with people volunteering to dig up facts and several amateur genealogists coming for help. As a result, the media picked up the post and the couple were invited on channels like Fox and ABC. Overnight, Megan and Bobby became nothing short of celebrities, sparking curiosity throughout the nation. But Megan kept her eyes focused on her mission–find the owners of the album.

 9. Photos Become Trending


Now, Joseph and Marguerite’s wedding photos were trending all over the nation. In the process, people started to praise Bobby and Megan for their efforts. This was what the entire nation seemed to be talking about in that first week of June. While Marguerite’s gown sparked fashion debates on the 60s bridal wear, Megan kept getting a bad feeling about it. Her instincts had never gone wrong before.

 8. Marguerite Is Finally Found


Several days into the story gaining public attention, Megan had no luck with finding the old couple. Yet she was hopeful. Every notification on her Facebook page would bring new hope. It was then that she finally found a lead. A slight hint led her to the town where Marguerite currently lived. Thank God she is alive, thought Megan. But she and Bobby would learn a truth that wouldn’t be very happy.

7. A Heartfelt Facebook Post


On June 8th, it was as if the nation’s heartbeat stopped when news channels started to air Megan’s latest Facebook post. She announced that they had found Marguerite and paid her a visit apart from returning the album. What? Had she already visited Marguerite? Did she also meet Joseph? There were more questions than answers in her post. People were hungry for more.

 6. Marguerite Had Re-married


Megan’s worse fears had come true when she learned that Joseph had passed way only nine years after their happy marriage. Marguerite later had moved on and had re-married. This was precisely why she had kept the old album hidden in the closet of her old house. While she fondly remembered Joseph, the album only made her miss him more. She really wished to move on in life. Did she find love again?

 5. A New Family, A New Life


Marguerite was reluctant to show up and claim the album because she had a new family now with grandchildren. While she loved Joseph deeply and missed him always, her present priority was her family of today. She was extremely conscious of her own privacy and that of her family’s. And yes, she had a happy second marriage and was now a proud grandmother. For a moment, Megan and Bobby felt like they may have interfered in Marguerite’s privacy by trying to search for her. Unknowingly, they may have reopened old wounds.

4. Blessed By The Meeting


But Marguerite expressed her gratitude towards the couple for bringing back her precious memories. Megan and Bobby realized that they were extremely blessed to have met Marguerite who also introduced them to her current family. Both the families were delighted to make an acquaintance of each other. It was now tough to keep their mouths shut about the whereabouts of this family. The news had got so much attention that it was impossible to keep their identity a secret.

 3. Privacy Be Respected


Upon Marguerite’s insistence, Megan kept the meeting a secret so the media could be kept away from the former’s current family. They are extremely private people and wished to keep their family legacy to themselves. What Megan was going to do was extremely opposite to her natural personality.

2. Overwhelm And Joy


Megan’s post on June 8th was full of overwhelming joy as she shared about the kindness Marguerite had shown wed to her and Bobby. She came back a changed person because she was so inspired by Marguerite. Of course, she would continue to share about her everyday life with her friends but she felt she was now more sensitive. Was she sad or happy to part ways with the album or the purse?

 1. Alligator Purse Returned


Yes, the alligator purse was returned to the owner. Megan and Bobby felt that uncovering Marguerite’s story and meeting her were the two treasures they would always carry in their lives. They stopped sharing any more information about the old couple publicly. Except for Marguerite’s acquaintances and friends, nobody really knows where she currently lives or what her husband does or how many children she has.