20. Not Wanting To Meet Her Mother


Becky Skousen was adopted by a loving couple when she was just an infant. Her foster parents always encouraged her to have positive feelings for her birth mother. She always felt like she may derail the life of her biological mother if she ever tried to contact her. Not that Becky grew up with any grudge but that she wasn’t willing to disrupt her biological mother’s life. But fate had penned a different version of her story.

 19. The Man Of Her dreams


Meanwhile, Becky’s birth mother Robin Adair Passey grew up with hopes of seeing her daughter again. Before Becky’s birth, she was just like any other girl in her teens. She had met a man who she was certain would marry her. She was in high school, young and carefree. Little did she know that a night of passion would seal her fate for life.

18. The Ground Beneath Her Feet Collapses


When Robin became pregnant, her boyfriend left her. He didn’t take responsibility either for his actions or for not using precaution. Robin’s world came tumbling down. Now she had a broken heart and an impending pregnancy. Her mother decided to take her to Hawaii so she could deliver the baby. Abortion was not an option.

17. A Beautiful Baby Girl


There was nothing Robin could do. She had acted irresponsibly and now she was left with a pregnancy at the age of 14. She accepted her mother’s advice and moved with her to Hawaii. Six months later, Robin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had a few minutes before the baby was to put for adoption. Those few minutes bonded her with the baby in ways she would learn years later.

16. A Few Precious Moments


This was common in those days when teenage girls would give birth to babies they couldn’t raise and put them up for adoption at centers. Robin just got to wrap the baby up and count her little fingers. Yet she carried this memory all her life. This little memory had a deep impact on her mind, it would compel her to do something out of the ordinary.

15. Living With A Hope


Robin was still carrying the memory 43 years later when she decided to sign up for a website that traced family heritage and lineage. When she was asked to fill in her DNA details, Robin knew that finding her daughter would be too good to be true. Yet she had to try, at least once.

14. The DNA Matches


One day she got a notification that said – 49.1% DNA match. Who was the other person? With a matching percentage so high, Robin began to hope that this could be her daughter. But wait, Becky didn’t want to meet her. How would Becky know her biological mother was searching for her? This would take a miracle.

 13. Would Her Mother Want To Meet Her?


Becky lived in Utah with her family while Robin lived in Arizona. Becky had sworn to never try to meet her biological mother. Nevertheless, curiosity got the better of her and one day she decided to sign up. She thought she would meet her mother if her mother wanted to meet her too. Both women had no idea what they would feel the same way toward each other, until one day.

12. Who Would Be Hurt?


Becky and Robin both got a notification one day that their DNA had found a match. Robin didn’t waste any more time and asked Becky to meet her. They agreed to meet in Phoenix, Arizona where Robin lived. Would this hurt Becky’s parents? They had thought Becky would never want to meet her biological mother. Things had changed.

11. A Good Upbringing


Becky testified in a TV interview, later, that her parents taught her to appreciate her biological mother. They told her that her mother had chosen a great life for her daughter and that she should be grateful. Becky was sure that her parents, especially her foster mother, Caralyn, would love to meet Robin as well. And when they did, a whirlwind of emotions was unleashed.

10. They Re-unite After 43 Years


Robin had married and raised her own children. So she took her youngest daughter to meet her oldest biological daughter Becky. Finally, after 43 years, the mother and daughter were reunited. There was one more factor to be addressed by this reunion.

 9. Tears Of Sorrow To Tears Of Joy


Becky’s foster mother Caralyn showed remarkable kindness when she met Robin. She said later, “I knew while I was shedding tears of joy on finding Becky, she was shedding tears of sorrow upon losing her.” The ladies would eventually become great friends.

8. The Two Mothers Become Friends


The two women have become great friends ever since, the common uniting bond being Becky. Robin was grateful that her little baby was given in the hands of such understanding couple. She couldn’t help but hug Caralyn for raising Becky the way she did. Now they needed to break the news to other family members. Will Robin’s children accept Becky as their eldest sibling?

7. Families Unite


The two families are now closer than anyone could imagine, both of them grateful for a gift like Becky. They exchange cards, potlucks and parties whenever they can and pay each other visits. Robin couldn’t believe her luck. She had everything in the world – a loving family and a lost daughter who was found. But Becky had a surprise for her.

6. Seeing Her Walk The Aisle


Robin had not imagined that she would ever see her daughter walk the aisle. When Becky broke the news to her, she was overwhelmed. She witnessed Becky dressed as a beautiful bride being led by her foster father on the aisle. It was the most beautiful moment in the life of Robin. It was her eldest who was getting married and she was present to see it. Becky had decided to disclose another surprise later.

 5. Being Physically Closer


For some reason, Becky always wished to settle down to Arizona even before she knew her biological mother lived there. She soon shared the news with Robin. Now after almost 43 years of living apart, the two women were physically closer to each other. How would living so close change their lives?

 4. From One Mother To Another


Caralyn loved this arrangement since she was anxious about her daughter leaving the house and making a new life for herself. But with Robin around, she was doubly assured. She shared her happiness with Robin who swore to visit Becky every week. She didn’t know that Becky had grown up to be such a sensible, mature woman. It was time to explore her personality.

3. Learning To Appreciate Life


Becky grew up to be a woman of substance, always showing love and respect to people around her. She learned to appreciate every moment of her life. She loved children and was especially grateful to her foster parents. She was an obedient daughter. But Robin had one regret.

2. Regret Turned Into Delight


Robin’s biggest regret was being unable to become part of Becky’s childhood, her teen years and her education. But when Becky moved in closer to her neighborhood, she realized she could be part of her daughter’s new life. Her regret now turned into a delight. She now feels giving away Becky was the best decision of her life. Their story would inspire millions of others from Robin’s time.

 1. Becky And Robin Inspire


The story of Becky and Robin has inspired several parents who have lost their children and parents who have adopted children. They get fan mails from millions of mothers who had given up their babies for adoption. Their lives are a living testimony of hope.