When artist Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon an old cement factory in 1973, he didn’t see a dilapidated ruin but a canvas for what would become his most exquisite masterpiece in terms of his career. And believe us when we say, it has to be seen to be believed.

Known as “La Fabrica” the cement factory was located outside of Barcelona and used during World War I. Structurally, it needed a lot of work inside, however the exterior was sound. For several years Bofill deconstructed the property before planting extensive foliage on the outside, to give the place a lush feel.

Now instead of smoke coming out of its smokestacks, the building has green vines and vegetation. He also landscaped a “living roof” on the property that not only has become home to various wildlife, but provides insulation and rainwater purification as well. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!

What’s on the inside is even more impressive. From the stunning dining room, to modern day bedroom, the cement factory has been transformed into a luxurious home that even the richest celebrity would be envious of. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale, because Ricardo uses it as a studio for his work and a personal home.

We can’t wait to show you the transformation. Believe us when we say, it’s simply inspiring.


20.  Before the Transformation

Image: Inhabitat

Before the  factory was transformed into the stunning piece of architecture it is today, it used to be a functioning cement factory in Barcelona. Built during World War I, it was eventually abandoned and left to nature before Ricardo Bofill discovered it.

19. The Man Behind the Genius

Image: Spain is Culture

One of the leaders in international architecture and design, Ricardo Bofill was born into a family of builders in 1939. He’s gone on to design some of the most unique buildings in the world, so it should come as no surprise that he chose to transform this cement factory into a home that simply impresses on every level.

18. Natural Landscape

Image: Twisted Sifter

One of the standout features of this home is the natural way the foliage grows on the property. Instead of going for a clean and pristine manufactured look, Ricardo allowed the vegetation to grow wild, which adds to the home’s flair.

17. Outside Transformation

Image: Arch20

Imagine looking out the window from one of those towers every morning. We can’t get over the fact this used to be a cement factory. We’ll take a room in the second tower from the right please and thank you!

16. Another View from the Outside

Image: Breaking News

While this portion of the landscaping is much more manicured, it still provides a rustic look that’s filled with history. The rich red of the brick juxtaposes with the rustic tan of the cement towers, creating an environment fit for a prince or princess. We can’t imagine what it would be like getting to stroll the grounds every day.

15. The Living Roof

Image: SneakHype

One of the more unique aspects of the home is the living roof that Bofill created by planting vegetation on the top and on the sides of the home. Not only does this provide insulation from the sun and an environment for wildlife to enjoy, but it can also help purify rainwater, creating its own ecosystem among the cold cement walls.

14. Exquisite Detail


You couldn’t pay to have a home designed this unique, and we just love how this room utilizes the cement wells to create a breathtaking and historical environment. Imagine having a meeting or simply watching the rain come down from this room. We honestly can’t believe this used to be a rundown ruin before.

13. Modern Meets Rustic

Image: TwistedSifter

Utilizing the current structure while adding a modern touch really worked for this home design. The wood paneling pairs wonderfully with the concrete pillars; therefore, creating a chic room that would make any celebrity jealous. We can’t imagine the offers Ricardo Bofill must receive to purchase the property.

12. Personal Studio

Image: Pinterest

Can you imagine allowing your creativity to flow in this studio day in and day out. The room is almost like an art gallery in itself. Ricardo has mentioned he uses the home to work regularly, and you definitely wouldn’t have to look too far for inspiration.

11. A Quiet Place to Work

Image: Inhabitat

This small office that utilizes one of the cement factory pillars is simple yet offers a modern touch to the architecture. It may be understated in decor, but makes up for it with its overabundance in style.

10. Master Bedroom

Image: India Times

Sweet dreams are definitely made of this! The glow from the dim lights in this room only adds to the ambiance. And the fact the mirrors actually open up into windows that can overlook the property grounds is genius in terms of design aesthetic. We can’t get over how amazing this room is. We may have to move in.

9. Imagine a Board Meeting Here

Image: Pinterest

Personally, we can’t see how anyone could get any work done in this house. We would be in awe of the splendor of the design and architecture, so work would be the last thing on our minds. The art shows here must sell out quickly!

8. Relax in Paradise

Image: TwistedSifter

Now this is a bathroom we’d bend over backwards for. Not only is the Jacuzzi tub the perfect compliment to the rustic vibe of the room, but the floor to ceiling windows offer the perfect glimpse at a piece of World War I history. Hopefully, there aren’t any neighbors around or they make get a peek at more than they bargained for.

7. A Simple Room?

Image: Pinterest

The marble floors in this room offer a level of distinction when paired with the modern decor and lighting. The fact the arch windows and doors were restored to their former glory add a great touch as well.

6. Breathtaking Can’t Describe It

Image: Colossal

You can’t help but be in awe of the beauty of this home’s design and how it utilizes nature to enhance its splendor. The sterile white mixed with the rustic brick walls is so inviting. Ricardo Bofill certainly has a designer’s eye.

5. At Night Beauty Comes

Image: Pinterest

We didn’t think this home could become anymore stunning, but we were wrong. As the sun goes down, the home transforms into a peaceful oasis. The curtains really add a nice touch to the overall aesthetic of the space.

4. Inspirational Architecture

Image: The Inspiration

Now talk about a room with multi-purposes. From the two flats above to the dining room and living room below, there’s so much going on in this shot yet it somehow all works. Although, we have to wonder how you access the second floor? Maybe, there’s a big trampoline we don’t know about!

3. History Meets Luxury

Image: Dornob

This image offers a glimpse of the old meets the new and we love it. The utilization of the original structure among the new landscaping and renovated portions offers a unique perspective in terms of design. It also is a great way to preserve the original factory and a piece of history.

2. A Place to Curl Up with a Good Book

Image: CreoFlick

Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book in this room? From the high vaulted ceilings to the unique levels in the space, we find every detail in this room to be architectural perfection.

1. Nature Reclaims the Land

Image: Pinterest

One renovation choice we support is allowing some of the space to remain as it was without any tampering. Simply planting new green foliage and allowing it to take over provides a captivating aesthetic to the overall landscape. It definitely gives off a lost in time vibe.