When artist Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon an old cement factory in 1973, he didn’t see a dilapidated ruin but a canvas for what would become his most exquisite masterpiece in terms of his career. And believe us when we say, it has to be seen to be believed.

Known as “La Fabrica” the cement factory was located outside of Barcelona and used during World War I. Structurally, it needed a lot of work inside, however the exterior was sound. For several years Bofill deconstructed the property before planting extensive foliage on the outside, to give the place a lush feel.

Now instead of smoke coming out of its smokestacks, the building has green vines and vegetation. He also landscaped a “living roof” on the property that not only has become home to various wildlife, but provides insulation and rainwater purification as well. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!

What’s on the inside is even more impressive. From the stunning dining room, to modern day bedroom, the cement factory has been transformed into a luxurious home that even the richest celebrity would be envious of. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale, because Ricardo uses it as a studio for his work and a personal home.

We can’t wait to show you the transformation. Believe us when we say, it’s simply inspiring.


20.  Before the Transformation

Image: Inhabitat

Before the  factory was transformed into the stunning piece of architecture it is today, it used to be a functioning cement factory in Barcelona. Built during World War I, it was eventually abandoned and left to nature before Ricardo Bofill discovered it.