Angelo Mastropietro decided to take a man-cave to a WHOLE new level. During one afternoon bike ride he was caught in a rainstorm, took refuge in a cave, and fell in love with it. He purchased it 10 years later. The inspiration to build this luxury cave-home came when he received the devastating news that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007. As many people do when they face life-altering news, Mastropietro decided to rethink his priorities and start living life for himself.

He did what many of us dream to do: he fled into the hills and created a little home outside of the stress and tension of modern-day life. The cave sits in the Wyre Forest, in Worcestershire, England, and has been around for nearly 250 million years, being periodically inhabited over the past 800 years. This gem is hidden, private, and Mastropietro even fitted it with modern-necessities like WIFI. The clash between old and new is really something that makes this cave such a special place. WIFI is not the only luxury this cave has been fitted with, it also includes some top-notch appliances and heated floors.

The extravagant amenities and home took over 1000 hours to complete and according to The Daily Mail, £160,000 to perfect. If that isn’t enough, to start the project Mastropietro had to clear 70-80 tonnes of stone—one HUGE task. The British tonne is equivalent to an American metric ton, or 2,000 kilograms; that’s between 140,000-160,000 kilograms. The hard work Mastropietro put in to create this magnificent hidden home despite his diagnosis is admirable and inspiring. The pictures included in the next slides show every detail of this tiny, blissful home.

But there’s more—you can rent this romantic spot out for £195 a night. The cave sits on 3 private acres and is known for its tranquillity and relaxed ambience. The minimum stay is two nights but if you work scheduling out, you can go off the grid for up to a month in this private getaway. The slideshow will provide pictures of the process and the final project so you get to see how it was transformed.


14. The Beginning



The cave has been periodically inhabited over the last 800 years, but by no means has it ever been the masterpiece it is today. Clearing through over 70-80 tonnes of Jurassic sandstone (pretty dang old)  had to be done in order to start this project, and as you can see the beginning looks like a pretty bare-boned cave. The project was daunting and gave Mastropietro an outlet to handle the troubling news of his MS diagnosis.

13. Physical Labor



In order to get the project going and finished within budget, most of the excavation was done by hand. The walls are known to have axe marks from all of the previous inhabitants; just like any modern homes, occupants updated and modeled the cave to suit their individual needs. Imagine stepping into a cave with that much history and being able to sleep where the spirits of our ancestors resonate. Angelo took on the project himself, doing 100% of the labor by hand. The man pictured with him is one of the many interviewers interested in documenting his cave-restoration journey.

12. Changes In Design


Just like any home renovation, certain features that were part of the original plan didn’t make the final cut, such as this bathtub. While a Jacuzzi tub would have been a nice addition to this romantic rock house, Angelo quickly realized it would be impossible to heat. The tub was turned into a shower that is arguably one of the best features of the house.

11. The Outside


The natural beauty of the landscape around the home adds such warmth and the green trickling vines really do it justice. The large glass windows were fitted to keep heat inside while allowing the natural sun to brighten the home from the terrace. The windows also pivot open to let a nice afternoon breeze in on a hot day. This place is already starting to look like heaven.

10. The Terrace



The stunning terrace is located at the front of the house, equipped with chairs and a table, which works great for outside dining or morning coffee. The natural theme is kept throughout the house and terrace as it’s fitted with hand crafted wood and stone elements, keeping everything organic and as close to its natural state as possible. The chimney’s are new additions placed so the house could be fitted with wood burning stoves.

9. Living Room



The quaint little living room gets lit up with the natural light from the windows and has a beautiful fireplace to keep the cave warm. The walls were painted a bright white color in order to optimally lighten up the house. The white paint also accentuates the chisel marks formed over thousands of years. These stone floors are also heated so you can walk around without socks and still feel extremely comfortable.

8. Bedroom



This photo of the bedroom really accentuates the lovely texture in the walls! You can also see the fine detail of the built-in shelves as well as the wooden additions that really make this house a home. The bedroom door leads to the terrace, bringing in tons of natural light. For guests who enjoy sleeping in, there are shades available to block out the sun. The wooden accents keep the style simple, practical, with a minimalistic vibe of an ancient cave.

7. The Bathroom



The bathroom is arguably the best room in the house. The tub, which didn’t work out, was turned into a unique, rainfall shower that gives a cave oasis feel—according to the home’s website. The open style is absolutely stunning as it showcases the pebble wall that is so unique to this home. It keeps getting better—the towel rack is heated so as soon as your done a warm towel will welcome you. Check out the mounted mirror and the wooden sink—not too shabby either!

6. Bathroom Continued


One of the most impressive aspects to this bathroom is that it was done by Angelo himself. The diagnoses of MS temporarily left him paralyzed and the incident sparked him to follow his instinct to build the perfect home. Angelo realized he needed to make a lifestyle change in order to be healthier and happier, and his design for a perfect home is just that–perfect.

5. The Kitchen


Ever time I see a new room in this place I’m convinced it has to be the best one, and this kitchen is in the running. Small and extremely efficient, this kitchen is outfitted with an Everhot 3 range oven containing cast iron hot plates for some good cooking. Not to mention that it also comes with an espresso maker, making this one of the most modern caves available. One of the best features of this home is the stark contrast between the modern appliances and the rustic décor; Angelo sure did a creative job. There is so much detailed lighting while standing in this kitchen that you won’t even realize there’s absolutely no windows.

4. Kitchen Continued


This kitchen is so nice, its been used by many sites as a model kitchen, showing people which products to use to recreate this look. By the looks of this stunning kitchen, I’m betting a hefty chunk of the £100,000 budget went into creating this one room. Don’t let his Uggs fool you—those heated floors are a barefoot person’s dream!

3. The Lighting

The Rockhouse’s website shares pictures like this one, showing how the LED mood-lighting is perfectly placed throughout the entire home. Some rooms are touched with natural lights from the beautiful windows, while the mood-lighting artistically lights up the others. Lighting really makes a difference in the way the room feels and this cave is a surprisingly bright place for not having windows throughout.

2. At Night


As if the daytime lighting didn’t do this cave justice, the perfectly placed LED lights do a great job when the sun goes down. The purple lights illuminate the terrace and the beautiful plants surrounding the cave. The magical forest is transformed at night to a private wonderland where rest and relaxation are the first priorities.

1. The Location

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The cave is centered in a prime location, as it’s hidden along an 800-meter stretch in the forest, yet conveniently located near the town of Bewdley, which has many tourist attractions. You will feel like you’re a million miles away from the nearest humans, yet in reality you have everything you could ever need right around the corner. There is even a safari park and tons of forest trails to hike if you get enough R&R.