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The Harrison family of South Carolina has a habit of nurturing wounded and sick animals back to health. They make it a point to help animals get back to nature. However, when they saved a baby squirrel one day, they never knew the surprise that would come with this act of kindness eight years later.

Squirrels pretty much stay away from humans. They spend their days looking for food and climbing up trees in the wild. This baby squirrel decided to go against the status quo though.


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Brantley Harrison discovered the injured squirrel after an owl attacked it in South Carolina. Harrison had a habit of helping wounded animals. They named the squirrel Bella.


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Bella lived amongst three other squirrels while in Harrison’s care. Once the squirrels were healthy and nourished, the family released them back to the wild in the spring.


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It was common for the Harrisons to see a newly released animal come back to their home during the first week. Eventually, the animal would be used to the wild and go off on their own. Bella was different, though.


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When Bella was first released, she would return to the Harrison home looking for food and treats. It was normal. As time went on, though, Bella kept returning!


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It’s been eight years since Bella was released. “Bella sits right at the front door waiting for someone to notice she has come by for a visit,” Brantley said. “She has even resorted to jumping over the dining room window to peer in for someone to see her.”


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Bella surely wasn’t showing normal behavior. The Harrisons never showed her any special treatment from the other squirrels they helped. They had no idea why she kept coming back for so many years.


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Bella doesn’t like to be touched. Instead, she would rather be fed walnuts and other snacks.


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Bella loves to tease the family dog, Cid, when she comes to visit. “She comes almost daily for a little loving, treats, and to torment our dog, Cid, through the glass door,” Brantley explained.


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Another odd thing about Bella is that she loves to wear hats! “I can’t believe she lets me do it. I could not love this squirrel any more than I already do!” Harrison said.


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The Harrisons fell in love with Bella. They decided to start an Instagram to document her crazy adventures called CidandBella.


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Bella is lucky to know the Harrisons. She injured herself again and they were there to help her recover.


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It wasn’t easy to catch her and help her, though. “My first few attempts at catching her have failed. She has lived in the wild for over eight years so she is a smart squirrel and it is not easy to trick her,” Brantley wrote on her Instagram.


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They were finally able to catch Bella and help her recover from a foot injury. She had another surprise for the family before leaving though.


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While Bella was recovering, she gave birth to three baby squirrels! “It was truly amazing to watch the baby I raised raise her own babies,” Harrison gushed.


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‘She is a very special squirrel and has always had a large local following. She has changed the way many of my friends think of squirrels, especially the ones she has met. The kids just love to come over and feed her.”


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It’s easy to write off squirrels as rodents of the forest, but they are friendly and capable of love. They can even make great house pets!


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Brantley said, “If Bella can teach at least one person to have compassion for all living things, no matter how big or how small, then we have done what we have set out to do.”


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Next time you see a squirrel, remember just how loving and adorable little Bella is. You may find yourself wanting to help an injured squirrel one day.


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The Harrisons were quite surprised to see that Bella returned for almost a decade. They love that they were able to help her and is now considered a part of the family.