Everyone can use a hand once in a while, especially when it comes to cleaning your home. Stuck on grease, old food, random stains, and general messes all seem to get out of control rather quickly. But with a few quick tricks you can tackle the mess, get your home into tip-top shape, and have more time for yourself as well.

You aren’t alone in not knowing the best methods, but you can be the person with the cleanest house on your block when you learn them. Making other people wonder just how you manage to keep your home in suck perfect shape. Many of these methods are perfect to use before company come over, and will keep your house ready for unexpected guests at any time of the night or day.

Sometimes the most innocent of items are the ones that we need to get our homes spic and span. But who would think that lemons are the most important cleaning product in the home, or that your fridge holds more effective products than most cleaning isles.

This is why we put together a list with 18 different tips that will forever change the way that you clean your home, and that will have you looking at the items around you in a very different way. Each tip was carefully chosen to give you an advantage over traditional methods, and to target areas of the home that we frequently struggle to clean. From the oven to clutter, this list has everything!

Most of the items on the list are already in your home, waiting for you to use and get the best results out of. Others are commonly found at the grocery store, and cost much less than most cleaning products.
Best of all, most of the methods used are completely natural, safe to use around children or pets, and will leave your home smelling amazing. Many of them are quick as well, reducing the time that you spend scrubbing and slaving over your home and increasing the amount of time that you can really enjoy your home.

So take a look at these 18 tips, tell us what works for you, and remember to clean smarter not harder. You deserve a break and to be the talk of the neighbourhood.