Going to the Store

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One day, a bunch of teenage friends decided they would test out something they heard on the Internet. In order to fulfill this experiment, they had to stop by the Home Depot to get the supplies they needed.


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The boys went into the store on a mission. They were looking for some WD-40 for their experiment. What were they going to do with the WD-40? They were going to put it in a car and use it as engine oil to see what would happen.

Reading the Label

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Many people would never think to use WD-40 in their engine. However, it says you can use it right on the bottle!

It Begins

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Once the boys had their supplies, it was time to begin their experiment. To start, they drained the oil from one of the boys’ cars.

Pour It Up

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Once the oil was drained, it was time to pour in the WD-40. The boys weren’t necessarily sure what to expect. When the cans were emptied, they read the label once more to make sure it could be used in cars.

The Hypothesis

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The boys all hypothesized what they thought was going to happen when they turned the car on. Some predicted how long the car would run for. Others questioned whether it would run at all.

Starting the Car

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Just in case anything exciting happened, the boys decided to film the entire experiment. They wanted to be able to show their friends what they did. They weren’t expecting anything to happen, though.

Test Drive

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The car sounded pretty good when they turned it on. So, they decided to go for a test drive. They drove around the neighborhood, the car running smoothly. This was proof that WD-40 works in a car engine.

Familiar Faces

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The more they drove around, they ran into some familiar faces. They stopped and explained what they were doing to their friends who were driving by.

Signs of Struggle

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The longer they drove the car the more struggles appeared. At first there was a screeching sound and then smoke started coming from under the hood. Along with the smoke, they smelled something burning. It was time to pull over and get out of the car.

Pulling to the Side

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The boys pulled the car off the road and watched smoke slip out from under the hood.

Testing Its Limits

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The boys decided to test the car and push it passed its limit. So, they turned the car off, placed a heavy lead pipe on the gas, turned it back on and waited to see what happened. They wouldn’t be disappointed.

Waiting Game

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Pressing the gas while the car is in park is sure to damage any car. However, it will do more damage if you’re using WD-40 as engine oil. They hypothesized again how long they would have to wait before the car blew up.


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There was now an audience watching the car. Along with the teenage boys who conducted the experiment, the friends they passed earlier followed them. They all waited to see what was going to happen.


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The car started to make a screeching sound again. It got louder and louder over time. The boys started to get anxious.


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Suddenly there was some movement from the car. The back tire caught fire! The flames started to move up the car.


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As the boys watched the small flame work its way from the tire, the engine suddenly burst into large flames. It was the largest fire the boys had ever seen.

Too Much to Handle

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The flames grew bigger. Even though the car was engulfed in large flames, the engine was still running fairly smooth.

The Big Bang

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While the boys were having fun joking about their friend’s car catching fire, there was a loud bang. The engine ran out of energy and the car was swallowed in fire.

Crazy Times

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The boys couldn’t believe what had just happened. They waited for the flames to go out before towing the car back home. The whole time they were laughing and commenting on their experiment.

Winning Bet

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Remember all of those predictions before they did the experiment. The boy whose prediction was closest won a pretty nice pot from their bets.


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“Sorta. Kinda. Not really. Wouldn’t recommend it,” one of the boys said in a recap of the events at the end of their YouTube video. They wouldn’t suggest using WD-40 as engine oil.

Raffle Prize

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At the very end of the video, the teenager announced that he was holding a raffle for a Mazda RX-7 FD. Viewers were stoked to enter into the raffle.

YouTube Star

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You may be wondering how a teenager can give away such a large prize. Well, Orion Dajnowicz, the man who filmed the video, is a YouTube star with over 450,000 followers.

The True Use for WD-40

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Thanks to a commenter on YouTube, they explained that WD stands for “water displacement” and the substance should never be used as oil. While it says “engine” on the back, it’s meant to be used to clean the engine.

No Heat

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Another YouTube user was angry that the boys used WD-40 as engine oil. They stressed that WD-40 should never be heated, especially for a long time.


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Orion reflected on his experience using WD-40 in a car engine. He realizes that it wasn’t a great idea, but doesn’t regret the great time and memories he made with his friends.

Knowledge is Power

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Orion’s knowledge of cars gained him a huge following on YouTube. His explains everything there is to know about cars and even races them sometimes.

Going Pro

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While Orion isn’t filming YouTube videos, he’s out on the racetrack because he’s a professional racecar driver! He has won many races and has a shelf of trophies at home.

Leave it to the Professionals

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Since Orion is a professional when it comes to all things cars, he doesn’t recommend that you try his experiment at home. It’s extremely dangerous and someone could get hurt. Not to mention you’d be down a car.