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The lemon is considered to be one of the more popular fruits in the citrus family and comes from a small species of evergreen tree that is native to Asia. Known for its culinary and non-culinary uses, the lemon is used mostly for its juice which contains around 6% citric acid. This is what causes the lemon to have its signature sour taste.

While the origin of the lemon is still unknown to this day, the fruit was thought to be first grown in Assam, which is a northeast region in India. According to scientific study, the lemon is considered to be a hybrid of the bitter orange and the citron. The fruit made its way into Europe and southern Italy around the second century AD, before later being introduced to Persia and Egypt. The historians believe the lemon was first brought to the Americas in 1493 by Christopher Columbus.

The lemon has many different uses. While most know it for cooking and making household staples like lemonade and lemon meringue pie, there are many other uses as well. Did you know lemons can remove mildew stains? They can also be used to sanitize humidifiers, keep away pests and polish silver.

Who knew right? Below you’ll find fifteen incredible uses for lemons that are sure to absolutely blow your mind. Personally, we’re most impressed with #5. Do you see yourself giving any of these lemon hacks a whirl?


15. Clean Your Cutting Boards

Image: The Kitchn

One of the main problems with wood cutting boards is they absorb the smells from the foods you cut on them. This can lead to some pretty rank odors, which will send your dinner guests running for the door. Thankfully, a lemon can cut through the smell and kill the odor-causing bacteria, leaving you with a fresh smelling cutting board within minutes.

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