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The lemon is considered to be one of the more popular fruits in the citrus family and comes from a small species of evergreen tree that is native to Asia. Known for its culinary and non-culinary uses, the lemon is used mostly for its juice which contains around 6% citric acid. This is what causes the lemon to have its signature sour taste.

While the origin of the lemon is still unknown to this day, the fruit was thought to be first grown in Assam, which is a northeast region in India. According to scientific study, the lemon is considered to be a hybrid of the bitter orange and the citron. The fruit made its way into Europe and southern Italy around the second century AD, before later being introduced to Persia and Egypt. The historians believe the lemon was first brought to the Americas in 1493 by Christopher Columbus.

The lemon has many different uses. While most know it for cooking and making household staples like lemonade and lemon meringue pie, there are many other uses as well. Did you know lemons can remove mildew stains? They can also be used to sanitize humidifiers, keep away pests and polish silver.

Who knew right? Below you’ll find fifteen incredible uses for lemons that are sure to absolutely blow your mind. Personally, we’re most impressed with #5. Do you see yourself giving any of these lemon hacks a whirl?


15. Clean Your Cutting Boards

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One of the main problems with wood cutting boards is they absorb the smells from the foods you cut on them. This can lead to some pretty rank odors, which will send your dinner guests running for the door. Thankfully, a lemon can cut through the smell and kill the odor-causing bacteria, leaving you with a fresh smelling cutting board within minutes.

14. Grease Remover

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There’s nothing worse than grease building up on your pots and pans. Not only can it be hard to remove, but you sometimes are left with a residue that never seems to go away. However, a lemon can change all that. Due to the citric acid in lemons, which is known to be a natural grease dissolving agent, you simply need to rub a cut lemon over your pots and pans before rinsing them in hot water. You’ll be amazed at how fast the grease comes off.

13. Polish Stainless Steel & Copper

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If you have some copper pots or stainless steel that’s looking a little worse for wear, a simple solution of lemon juice and baking soda will do the trick. Simply squeeze one lemon into a small bowl and add baking soda until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the objects that need shining and then scrub with a wash cloth. You’ll be blown away by how shiny and new your items look!

12. Remove Water Spots


Water spots can make your shower and bathroom faucets look less than pleasant. Thankfully, a lemon can quickly remove the spots thanks to the citric acid. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it over the areas with water spots. The spots should come right off and leave your bathroom looking clean and spotless!

11. DIY Deodorant

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If you’re someone who is health-conscious and likes to avoid chemicals, especially aluminum in deodorant, this DIY hack is for you. If you want to make a quick and all-natural deodorant, simply mix coconut oil, lemon juice and baking soda together. It will turn into a paste that you can rub under your arms and stay smelling fresh throughout the day. Pretty cool, right?

10. Kiss Mildew Goodbye!


Mildew stains are gross–plain and simple. However, lemons can be a quick solution to the problem. A great DIY trick is to mix a solution of one part lemon juice and two parts salt. The mixture will create a paste that you can use on the mildew stains. Some swear it works better than bleach, but we’ll let you make that judgment call.

9. Sanitize Jewelry

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Why pay for expensive jewelry cleaner when lemons can do the trick for a fraction of the price? Simply place your favorite jewelry in a bowl of equal parts lemon juice/water and your jewelry will be clean in just a few minutes. However, we suggest leaving out your more expensive pieces because the citric acid could cause some damage if left in the solution too long.

8. Whitens Laundry

Image: Big DIY Ideas

If you’re looking for an all-natural solution when it comes to brightening your whites, lemon juice is where it’s at. All you need to do is soak your whites with a cup of lemon juice and half a cup of baking soda. You’ll be shocked at how well this solution brightens and removes stains. It really does put bleach to shame.

7. Lowers Salt Intake

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High levels of sodium intake is one of the leading causes of heart disease. One easy way to reduce your sodium intake is to replace salt with lemon. The sour flavor triggers your tastebuds to react the same way they would with salt. So the next time you’re having fish or enjoying a salad, use some lemon juice instead of reaching for the salt shaker.

6. Replenish Wilted Lettuce

Image: The Kitchn

This hack is pretty cool and will save you time and money. If you have lettuce that has begun to wilt in your fridge, don’t throw it away! All you need to do is place the wilted leaves in a bath of lemon iced water. After 15-20 minutes, the lettuce leaves will begin to crisp up again, giving you fresh and tasty lettuce for salads! Neat, right?

5. Natural Cat Repellent

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Does your cat get into areas of your house or apartment you’d rather they avoided? Well, now you can create an all-natural barrier using lemon juice. Apparently, cats absolutely HATE lemons and the citrus smell keeps them at bay. Therefore, all you need to do is spray lemon juice in the areas you’d rather keep your cat out of. Quick and easy!

4. Cleanses Humidifiers

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If your someone who uses a humidifier on a daily basis, you know they can start to smell over time. One quick way to stop the odor and kill any bacteria built up inside is to add fresh lemon juice to the humidifier when you run it. The citric acid will kill off the odors and leave you with a clean and sanitized humidifier.

3. Kills Weeds

Image: DIY Ready

It’s time to kiss those pesky weeds goodbye! Did you know that lemons are an all-natural (and powerful) weed killer? All you need to do is spray lemon juice directly on the weeds creeping up in your garden and they should shrivel up in a day or two. Weed-free is the way to be!

2. Softens Harden Paintbrushes

Image: Bob Villa

You wouldn’t believe how many paintbrushes are thrown out due to hardened bristles when this problem can be easily rectified. If you have paintbrushes you’ve left collecting dust, all you need to do is drop them into a pot of boiling lemon water. Let them soak for fifteen minutes and then rinse them off with soapy water. They’ll be good as new in less than thirty minutes!

1. Sends Ants and Insects Running


Lemon juice is an excellent method of pest control that’s all-natural and won’t leave you worrying about your pets taking a lick of something toxic. You may not know this but ants, roaches and other bugs despise the smell of citrus, so if you wish to keep them away, put some lemon juice in a spray bottle and mist your doorways and windows. It’s really that easy. Take that Raid!