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The brain has been one of the most mysterious organs in our bodies. It’s crazy to realize that while we study the brain, we are actually using our brains! It is the second most important organ next to the heart. It keeps our memories, personality, and cognitive functions.

While we still don’t know much about the brain, here is what we do know.

Fattiest Organ

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Our brains are the fattiest organ in our body. It is made up of 60% fat!

Zero Pain Receptors

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Your brain cannot feel pain because it doesn’t have any pain receptors. So, when your brain moves around and may bump into your skull, it won’t feel it.

Brain Surgery

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Brain surgery can take place while the patient is still awake because there are no pain receptors. Why would doctors want to do this? So they can monitor cognitive functions while they operate.

Creates Energy

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Your brain can generate 25 watts of power at once. That’s as much electricity as a lightbulb!

Corrects Your Vision

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The brain is actually what helps you see things correctly. Your eye sees objects upside down before the brain can flip them right-side up for you.

The Size of Your Brain Doesn’t Matter

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People believe that the bigger your brain is, the smarter you are. That isn’t true! There has been no proven correlation between size and intelligence.

Large Amount of Axons

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There are so many axons in your brain that they could stretch to be 100,000 miles long. Axons communicate impulses to cells throughout your body.

Always Developing

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Most organs stop developing while you are a teenager or in your twenties. Your brain is different. It develops until you are in your forties! Keep learning new skills, your brain will still accept it!

Same Consistency as Tofu

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Have you ever held a block of tofu? That’s what the consistency of your brain feels like.

Many Thoughts

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We are constantly thinking. In fact, we have over 70,000 thoughts over the course of a day.

Speed of Information

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Do you ever feel that you are thinking too fast? Maybe you thought of two things at the same time. According the scientists, information can race at 260 mph in your brain.

Doesn’t Grow

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Your brain does not grow. It pretty much stays the same size as when you were born. Notice how a baby’s head is a little too big for its body next time.

More Active During Sleep

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Your brain never stops. In fact, it’s even more active while you sleep than when you are awake.

Mass vs. Energy

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The mass and energy used is pretty disproportionate throughout your body. While your brain only takes up 2% of your mass, it uses 25% of your energy.

Mind Tricks

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Your brain is so unique that it can play tricks on you. For example, in this photo you probably think squares A and B are different colors. In fact, they are the same color.

You Only Need Half a Brain

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You only need half of your brain to survive. Your brain is so amazing that if one side is damaged, the functioning side will learn to adapt and take over what the damaged side used to do.

Chemical Reactions

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For your brain to function, it takes over 100,000 chemical reactions per second. This means thinking about things, remember things, and even just typing on a computer.

Brain Cells as a Toddler

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Believe it or not, the number of brain cells you have peaks at the age of two. They never increase from this point, only decrease or stay steady.

Pregnancy Brain

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Pregnancy brain is a real thing. When a woman is pregnant, her brain shrinks a little. It will take about six months for her brain to return to its normal size after she gives birth.

Tons of Information

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The amount of information that your brain can hold over your lifetime is 1 quadrillion pieces. That is a ton of information!