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When Duck Dynasty first aired on March 21, 2012, no one could have predicted its success. Revolving around the Robertson family and their family business Duck Commander, the reality show airing on A&E had over 11.8 million viewers during its peak. The show was an intimate portrayal of middle America, a segment not often viewed in the public eye outside of the occasional documentary.

Most of the episodes followed family patriarch Phil Robinson and his three sons as they crafted special gear for duck hunters, their most popular being the Duck Commander. As the seasons evolved, more of the family along with their spouses became major players on the show. Of course, with more people came way more drama.

One thing Duck Dynasty was known for was the cast’s outspoken conservatism and strict religious values. This would be a source of controversy for the show in 2013 when Phil Robinson stated that the LGBT community were “sinners” in an interview with GQ magazine. The interview spawned a huge backlash, which resulted in a huge decline in viewership.

It was announced in January of 2017 that the show’s eleventh season would be its last. So why was the show canceled? Read on to find out more about the Robertson family and the controversy that brought down a dynasty.


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