The Abandoned UFO House, Homestead

Via Urban Ghosts Media

The first stop on this trip down freaky Florida lane brings us to Homestead, home of an abandoned UFO house. While the house was the middle of plenty of rumors and conspiracy theories it wasn’t until Hurricane Andrew came along that the house was condemned.

Unfortunately, this is not a house you can visit now as it was torn down in August, 2013. The House started construction in 1974 in an isolated area of Homestead. With only around 15,000 residents at the time, the home never had a close neighbor.

The most common legend of the home was that the owner used the home to traffic drugs. To keep them hidden, he would import exotic animals and hide the drugs beneath the cages in which they were kept. In addition, stories are told that mysterious men would chase away anyone that would wonder by.

The house was purchased and repainted shortly before 1992 when Hurricane Andrew swept through the area. While the house, at that point, had none of the drugs, animals, or mystery men, it still held the tales that had been told for decades. Even now, with the building destroyed, locals seem to have a story to tell about the house that once was.


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