One of the driving commonalities between all of us is a need or desire to make money in some capacity. The paths we follow for that goal differ. Some look to climb the corporate ladder, others aim to follow a passion. Teachers, law enforcement, and the focus of this list, religious leaders, generally fall into the second column. They look to protect or inspire people, regardless of the income that their profession brings. While most will make a livable wage, some strike lightning and end up with millions in the bank, one pastor is even closing in on the billion-dollar mark.

There are a few points of contention here as many view those that follow the path of leading a religious group as one that is about the “good word” and their lifestyles can seem to contradict their teachings. The argument isn’t without some foundation, but that isn’t the point of this article. This is more of a personal belief and not something that can be stated as a fact. Therefore, we will cut through the controversy and simply look at these big names in religion and how they live, how they became so wealthy, and hopefully understand a bit more about why they do what they do.


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