20. Oblivious To Fate


They weren’t exactly childhood sweethearts, they just loved playing together at St Petersburg’s Good Ol’ Sunshine preschool in Florida. But Justin Pounders somehow retained the memory of having a crush on his then classmate and friend Amy Nee Giberson. Both were oblivious to their fate, but time would reveal it in its entirety.

19. Separated After Kindergarten


They were three years old back when they knew one another. According to their teacher, Diane Twar, they had a blast together while playing and loved sitting next to each other. And soon enough, kindergarten was over and with it, their puppy love. They went their separate ways but would meet again in vastly different circumstances.

18. Wearing Her Heart On Her Sleeve


Amy grew up to be a stunningly beautiful woman, full of life. She wore her heart on her sleeves and was kind to everyone. She was easily trusting and always looked for a soul mate, as she believed in love. She was advised against it, however, by her friends but remained the hopeless romantic. It seemed as if she wasn’t going to find what she was searching for.

17. Broken By Many


Amy had a string of failed relationships. She was beautiful, smart and trustworthy. Yet each time, she got her heart broken by men who didn’t seem to appreciate her. Most men in her life were just not ready to commit to her. This often puzzled her until one day.

16. Returning To Her Hometown


When she turned 32, Amy decided to go back to St Petersburg – her hometown – to get some perspective.  She returned to Florida in 2014 and was ready to settle down. She hadn’t stopped hoping to find someone who would truly complete her, but she knew she didn’t want to settle. It hadn’t dawned on her that she was destined for something bigger.

15. About To Move In


Meanwhile, Justin had settled down in Orlando with the love of his life Adrianne Roberts. They were engaged and were planning on moving in together. He had everything he wanted in life– A great job and a partner who made him happy. However, he would soon learn how wrong he was.

14. A Tragedy Like This


But as fate would have it, in 2012 a tragedy struck. The night before she was to move in with Justin, Adrianne was murdered. After sharing drinks with her roommate, she was walking home when someone attacked her. Within a few seconds, she lay on the street, motionless. Justin’s world was about to collapse.

13. Getting Out Of The Past


That night, Adrianne never returned to Justin. He got a phone call breaking the terrible news, and in an instant, his life changed forever. It took him two years to completely recover from Adrianne’s loss and to reconcile with reality. It still wasn’t the right time for Amy and Justin to cross paths. but soon he would realize there was a piece of his past he had left behind.

12. Back To Florida


Justin thought that he was now ready to move on with his life. But where to start? As a first step, he decided to go back to his roots in Florida. He wanted to be closer to his family and to find a suitable partner because he wasn’t ready to give up on love. He decided to sign up for a dating website. He was about to find someone in a completely unimaginable way.

11. What Is With This Girl?


Justin noticed Amy’s profile immediately after a few day of signing up. Her face had some shine that he couldn’t explain at that time. “There was something in her photography that instantly got my attention,” he later said. He started chatting with her, but would she find him attractive enough? He had all the jittery nerves that come along with the first steps of dating, and they were getting to him.

10. Just Another Hometown Boy?


Amy and Justin chatted for some time before deciding to go on an official date for the first time on December 03, 2014. That night while talking to Justin, Amy felt comfortable and relaxed. Later, her friends would tease her for falling too soon for one more guy. There was nothing like “too soon”, at least in her case.

9. Wait, Who Was That Amy?


On one of their dates, Justin teased her that he had a crush on a girl named Amy in kindergarten. But she had never inquired about that Amy until she noticed a small scar above Justin’s eye. He told her that he had got it from falling off the monkey bars at St Petersburg’s good ol’ Sunshine Preschool. “What? We were in the same class? There must be a mistake.” she thought.

8. They Had Met Before


Suddenly, the couple realized they had met before. But it was just too unrealistic to be true, or so they thought. Amy asked her mother to dig up old school photographs to try and confirm if they really did go to school together all those years ago. It was soon confirmed that Justin and Amy were indeed the best friends from their kindergarten years. How did they not know this?

7. Like Pieces Of A Puzzle


It was like a divine confirmation that their relationship was meant to be. Amy felt like she got an answer for why her previous relationships didn’t work. But for Justin, it was like his late fiancé Adrianne had a hand as their guardian angel in bringing them together. They were both excited and nervous. Now, they must do everything in their power to make this work.

6. Being On Television


Amy and Justin dated for another year. By this time, they were in a relationship for almost two years. Meanwhile, their story was in the local media when it was picked up by ABC’s The View. At this point in her life, Amy thought she had everything – a great boyfriend and an invitation to tell her story to ABC. She had no clue she was about to become famous.

5. The Nation Hears Their Story


The pair was invited to participate in an episode of The View to tell the story of how they met as pre-school classmates and reunited after 30 years. The conversation was getting emotional and very personal. Suddenly, a newsfeed appeared on the big screen on the recording room. The hosts took a pause.

4. A Message For Amy


It was a special message from Amy and Justin’s preschool staff of Sunshine elementary. The camera focused on an elderly teacher who said her children had a special message for Amy. The viewers were anxious and so was Amy. All of a sudden, she realized what was happening.

3. A Special Proposal


The camera soon panned around the room showing teachers and children sitting on chairs. The children sitting in the front row were carrying banners that read – “Amy, will you marry me?” The moment she saw the message, Amy was in tears while Justin bent down with a ring in his hand. “Amy, I love you very much. Will you marry me?” he asked. But Amy was in complete shock and took a moment to respond.

2. Emotions Of 30 Years Flood In


In a flash, Amy saw her past life, her failed relationships and a tiny memory of kindergarten. Was this real? While trying to control her sobs, Amy tilted her head in yes and both of them kissed and hugged. The hosts couldn’t contain their feelings and had to ask for tissues.

1. A Fairy-Tale Wedding


Amy and Justin were married on November 18th, 2016. They flew to the Carribean for a two-week honeymoon immediately after what looked like a fairy-tale wedding. They are about to celebrate their first anniversary soon, and they are growing happier each day.