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Parents can have ease of mind when they use a baby monitor. They are able to keep an eye on their baby and be in the room in seconds if the baby starts to cry or they notice something is wrong. Sarah and Jay, parents of a toddler in Washington, were shocked at what they saw on their toddler’s baby monitor one night.

Sarah and Jay were still navigating how to take care of their first-born child. A toddler now, they still kept a baby monitor in his room to make sure he was safe and wouldn’t need them.

Baby Monitors

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Baby monitors have really advanced over the years. Nowadays, parents can actually see what is going on in their baby’s room rather than just listening. It gives parents the peace of mind they need when raising a child.

Toddler’s Secret

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One night, Sarah and Jay’s toddler revealed that someone was coming into his room at night and talking to him. At first, the parents brushed it off as a little kid’s story. Then they started to become concerned.

Talking on the Phone

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To make matters even creepier, the toddler revealed that the person would speak to him on the phone. Jay and Sarah were even more confused now. They didn’t have a phone in their son’s room.


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One night, Jay went to check on their son. When he entered the room, he heard a voice say, “Wake up, little boy, daddy’s waiting for you.” He couldn’t figure out who said it or where it came from.

Eyes on the Family

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Sarah joined Jay in the room with their son. The voice said again, “Look, someone’s coming or someone’s coming into view.” The couple got goose bumps. Someone was watching them.

Night Camera

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Many baby monitors have a night vision camera so parents can see their baby’s movements in the dark. Jay and Sarah realized that this meant whoever was watching them could see everything that was happening in front of the camera.

Contacting the Manufacturer

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The couple decided to contact the manufacturer, Foscam, and see what was going on with their monitor. Their specific model was able to connect to smartphones through an internet connection.


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Jay and Sarah soon realized that the baby monitor had been hacked by someone and they had been watching and talking to their son for a little while now. They decided to go public with the story as a warning to other parents.

Easy to Fix

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After they went to the media, they soon found out that there was quite an easy fix to their hacked baby monitor.

Taking a More Secure Approach

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Technology experts suggest creating a strong password for the baby monitor that is different from the WiFi password. This will make it harder for hackers to get through.

Coming Forward

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When Jay and Sarah made their story public, other parents came forward with similar experiences. Jamie Summit, a young mother, approached ABC News to tell her story.

Precautions Didn’t Help

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Even though Jamie had set an extremely strong password on her baby monitor, she was still hacked. She first noticed that something was off while she was breastfeeding her baby one night and the camera turned towards her on its own.

No Privacy

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Jamie was upset and scared to know that her privacy had been violated. She cut the baby monitor connection. However, that didn’t guarantee that the hackers didn’t take any pictures of her.

Parents all over the country were shocked to hear these stories. They are appreciative of the parents coming forward with their stories so that they can now take precaution when setting up their baby monitors.