It’s hard enough finding the perfect dress for your wedding; on top of that, after the chaos is done and you finally found the right one, you have all the details to figure out, such as your hair, make-up, jewelry, etc. Your hair will have to match the style of your dress and, if you’re thinking about an updo, within the next 15 slides you might you just might find the right hairstyle for your gown.

Of course, you don’t want something that’s been overdone; at the same time, you may want something more simple–oh and don’t forget a little special touch… if this sounds like a thought you’ve had then don’t worry, it’s okay to need a little help during this hectic time and we’re here to help with this customized list of one-of-a-kind updo’s for your special day:

15. A Matching Touch

You can never go wrong with a little volume when it comes to an updo if you want something that’ll make a bold statement. This look is great because it incorporates soft curls that come into a low side bun. You’ll need a curling iron, hairspray, hair pins, and some confidence. Make this look special by adding the same type of flower that’s in your bouquet, keeping it delicate and light.

14. For The Shaved

A popular style that hit the runway and streets alike for the last couple of years has been to shave a part of your head for an edgy style. Rosamund Pike shows just how beautifully an edgy bride can make her style look bridal. It keeps the bride true to herself yet a little sophisticated for the big day.

13. Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough shows just how to do it right when trying to create an updo with short hair. Although short hair gives you the freedom of not have to style it much, it’s nice to be able to make your hair look more put together. A small curler is used to create these soft ways and matching color pins to keep things up.

12. The DIY

This DIY style is for the bride that wants to be as hands-on as possible in her wedding. The bride that knows how to handle her hair and is willing to do it herself! Of course, you could pay someone to do this in a salon but this picture is great because it shows you just how easy you can do it at home. At the very least–you can give it a try at home for the first round and if you like it, you can check that off your list.

11. The Fishtail Chignon

This fishtail chignon will definitely have heads turning which is why it’s perfect for your special day. You might need a little help with this one but the longer your hair, the better for this braided updo. Leave some pieces of hair out and keep them slightly curled for a soft framing around the face.

10. A Sleek Giant Bun

Now, don’t feel bad but for this look you’ll need some clip-ins for length or volume; I mean, look, that’s one giant bun! And if you’re naturally blessed with thick hair, even better! The focus here is really a sleek finish and the stunning piece of hair jewelry you’ve chosen.

9. A Simple, Loose Braid

Here’s another simple look that’s perfect for the boho bride, and it’s as easy as one, two, three. Follow the steps in the photo, using some products (if necessary) to make sure your hair has some texture to it. To secure it at the end, pin and spray to keep all night. Add a crown or sparkle to spice it up.

8. Floral

Another floral look that is fresh, new, and perfect for a bride who loves flowers. Just like the floral look posted above, this one allows you to personalize your hair with the flowers that you chose for your day. This look has a lot more focus on the flowers versus just a simple touch.

7. A Side Piece

Keeping on the floral theme, this side hair piece is absolutely stunning and looks great with natural, thick hair as shown. It’s a beautiful way to change up the traditional veil and it’s a great way to show how beautiful your natural hair can be.

6. Braided Bun And Crown

This is one is for the bride that loves bling and wants to show some off at her wedding! A sleek low pony is how this look starts out with a middle part, and the pony becomes a beautiful braided bun. The wow factor is in the crown and matching drop earring that can really look stunning when done well.

5. Tyra Banks

Take a little inspiration from this amazing updo Tyra Banks wore on the red carpet. She may bot have worn it to her wedding but if you’re really trying to wear something different and not have the same old updo, this look is a must. It’s intense yet can be dressed up or down with makeup and jewelry choices.

4. Wave & A Twist

Another great celebrity updo is this great look that Amy Adams wore on the red carpet. It’s different and has a 70’s style flare. The deep wave is used with a curling iron and it’s wrapped into a low bun, leaving some waved bang out.

3. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood really nailed this soft, voluminous updo, and it’s perfect for a wedding because it highlights your face. Some volume at the top and some texture spray really does it with this style and what’s best is you can braid or pin up the remaining hair, depending on the length.

2. Alicia Keys

Back when Alicia Keys was wearing make-up, she rocked this beautiful updo with an awesome drop headpiece. She rocked it back then and she’s still rocking her glamorous look today and showing all women around the world it’s okay to just be YOU. Follow her style and make your look stand out on your special day.

1. Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is the queen of the bang so if you have front bangs and you want to rock them at your wedding, follow her lead. She has had these bangs for years and for good reason–because she looks GREAT with them. Make sure everything is clean and sleek for this look.