lace wedding dresses


Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses that you will ever buy or wear. It might be passed down through the generations, it might be something that you find at a thrift store, or it might be a dress that you have custom tailored. None of those things change that it is a dress you will always cherish and love until the end of time. This makes picking out the perfect dress so incredibly important.

We have gathered a lost of 20 beautiful lace wedding dresses to give you a few ideas about you options, and to show you what other brides have done as well. Feel free to pin our article up for future inspiration, and tell us what looks you liked the best as well.

Lace is timeless, individual, and can change any gown in a matter of minutes. Sometimes the lace is more important than the rest of the gown, giving the bride her signature look, regardless of the dresses cut. Other times the lace is understated, simply serving to enhance classic lines and to make the ensemble more visually interesting. Lace isn’t overly formal, but it can be used to take an everyday look and make it more wedding appropriate. Lace can also tone down a look and make the bride look more demure and feminine.

Lace comes in so many different colors and shapes, each telling a story, and each begging you to personalize them and work them into your big day.

From country to haut couture, lace always has a place and is always a hallmark of personal style. Many brides choose the lace before they choose their gown, making it the focal point of their wedding.

These 20 gowns show you many of the different ways that you can utilize lace in your wedding, and really prove that lace isn’t just for old ladies. From heirloom veils to personalized collections by major designers, lace is a time-honored wedding tradition.

Take a look inside, be inspired, and remember that your perfect dress for your perfect day is completely possible, no matter what you have in mind. So have fun, be you, and enjoy your big day.