This stunningly crisp white dress appears to be backless yet it’s closed with a sheer nude fabric for a comfortable fit. The lace detailing peaks down her side, following the hem of the low back. The bride wore her hair up do the back detailing could really be shown off.



This dress brings together old Hollywood glam with the modern day sexy bride. It’s silk straps lead to a lace body suit that’s accompanied by a sheer skirt and flawless, simple silk belt. The long train works perfect with the dramatic back.



Okay, now this is perfect for the sporty bride who wants to stay true to herself and her style, yet wants to kick it up a notch in the sex appeal. The back features a high neck closing with buttons that lead down to a tear drop shaped open back. The body is made out of a white floral lace and the skirt is a ruffled satin.



The thin straps on this dress make a beautiful geometric on the brides back that is going to add to your memorable experience. It’s simple, elegant, yet still detailed enough with lace on the front and sides.



The addition of the scalloped edge on this dress has made a stunning gown. The thin straps add to the delicate style and the embroidered lace has an old fashion feel to it but it’s still young and fresh with the low back. The scalloped trim that we love so much finishes up the bottom hem on the train of the dress.



This bride did an amazing job picking her dress. The lace detailing is all over the dress and even the trim and shoulders. The buttons down the back add for an eclectic touch and she made it her own with a stunning piece of back jewelry. 



Not only does this dress have thin straps and a low back, but it leads into one of the most stunning skirt and train combination. The wow factor is with the detailing in the lace and the placement of each different fabric. The dress still keeps a delicate look with the lace detailing on her lower back and the scrunched bum.



A true princess dress! This combines tule, lace, and bling and brings them all together to create this princess-bride dress. The lace sleeves clip in the back with a beautiful lace detailing. The lower back has jewels in the shape of a tiara to sit on top of a full princess style skirt.



This whimsical gown is truly one of a kind. The twirling white trim makes up the beautiful straps and it follows along the body suit. Not usually seen in a gown is the beading hung across the back as if it were built in jewelry. Stunning.



I love this dress because it’s so reminiscent of a flowing beach dress and it’s so perfectly accented by the bling strap detail on the back. It’s simple, sweet and for the bride who likes details but not a too over powering dress.



A long sleeve wedding dress is TO DIE FOR! It looks good on everyone and it can make a memorable impression on you’re wedding. The low back brings a little sex appeal to the otherwise covering dress and the lace detailing keeps it bridal. This dress can be done up perfectly for the BOHO bride.



I think I may have found my wedding dress! WOW. This dress is alllll about the fabric choices and how beautifully they have been put together. Getting delicate and intricate lace can really make your wedding dress stand out from most. This illusion dress makes it look like the lace has just been laid over her body but really it’s a skin toned fabric for comfort.



This dress gives of the glamorous vibe that the 1940’s were al about. If you’re into old glam than this might just be the perfect dress for you. The layered lace and ivory fabric make for a full yet classic looking skirt. The floral lace belt section blends the whole look together.



For all the satin lovers out there here is a low back choice just for you. The back has almost a cowl neck effect but on the back. The folds of satin make this dress look luxurious and the buttons follow all away down the back keeping it simple but detailed.



Another whimsical one of a kind backless gown, this dress also features the twists and curls as the previous one. But this one is a bit different with the total back framing and pearl button close. The pattern in the lace helps accentuate the booty while still keeping it classy.



For all those bohemian brides out there that aren’t afraid to stay true to their style, or for any bride that doesn’t want a formal stuffy wedding–this is perfect for you. It’s a sheer illusion dress that forms a halter dress perfect for the beach or similar setting.



Another unique low back design not seen often is this beauty. The fitting body comes into a low back with a button close and a unique train that starts a little higher than most. The sleeves really finish up this one of a kind look.



This wedding dress gives off a Greek bridal feel that is just so glamorous. It’s definitely not something you see everyday and paired with that low bun and hair accessory–it makes an angelic glow. I can’t help but think this would be perfect for the pregnant bride. 



This thick lace dress screams bridal and it would be stunning on a young bride. The back comes into a V leading down to an ivory bow which makes a sweet, dainty back detail. It even has POCKETS!! What more could a girl want. I would be very temped to cut this dress short and wear it after my big day, it’s just that wearable.



Last but not least, this bridal gown is detailed down to the end of the train. The lace detailing on the upper back looks like a piece of art with the hanging snow-flake like shape. This dress has so much stunning lace detailing that you won’t even need much jewelry.