Wardrobes are constantly changing and evolving, as many of the things we buy don’t end up lasting that long. It’s either because the quality of clothing doesn’t measure up with the price you paid or elements break and malfunction. So, usually, when these things happen we throw them away, right? It’s not a very smart situation to be in, as we end up throwing hard-earned money away on constant replacements.

There are some clothing hacks that are easy, reliable, and quick to do that can save you tons of money and time on your wardrobe. Have you ever spilt wine on yourself or had a button pop off at the worst time possible? Well, after reading this you’ll never have to panic in those sticky situations again; you’ll be prepared with the knowledge of a modern-day seamstress on the fly. The best part about most of these hacks is that they’re done using everyday items like glue and rubber bands, and can be adapted to what you have around you.

Now you can look polished and pressed, even when you’ve had the most hectic morning of your life. Some of the most annoying issues regarding wear and tear happen for no good reason; for example, having to throw away your favourite shirt because you’ve washed it twice and all of a sudden it looks ten years old, or having to part with your favourite pair of jeans because the zipper won’t stay up anymore–but you no longer have to deal with things like this, as we’ve put together a pretty helpful list. The next 30 clothing hacks are guaranteed to come in handy sooner or later.

30. De-Pill Your Wardrobe


You know when you wear your favourite sweater or pants, especially yoga pants, and they get little fabric pills? It always makes anything look old and worn, and even dirty (depending on the fabric). Sometimes you’ll even wash something once and it looks like it’s on its hundredth cycle. There is a solution to this terribly annoying problem, and all you need is a razor. There is no need to go out and buy a de-piller when you can simply use a razor. All you need to do is gently go over the fabric with the razor and it will collect all of the pills, just make sure to empty the razor as you would when shaving. You can save a lot of money every year using this technique.