Wardrobes are constantly changing and evolving, as many of the things we buy don’t end up lasting that long. It’s either because the quality of clothing doesn’t measure up with the price you paid or elements break and malfunction. So, usually, when these things happen we throw them away, right? It’s not a very smart situation to be in, as we end up throwing hard-earned money away on constant replacements.

There are some clothing hacks that are easy, reliable, and quick to do that can save you tons of money and time on your wardrobe. Have you ever spilt wine on yourself or had a button pop off at the worst time possible? Well, after reading this you’ll never have to panic in those sticky situations again; you’ll be prepared with the knowledge of a modern-day seamstress on the fly. The best part about most of these hacks is that they’re done using everyday items like glue and rubber bands, and can be adapted to what you have around you.

Now you can look polished and pressed, even when you’ve had the most hectic morning of your life. Some of the most annoying issues regarding wear and tear happen for no good reason; for example, having to throw away your favourite shirt because you’ve washed it twice and all of a sudden it looks ten years old, or having to part with your favourite pair of jeans because the zipper won’t stay up anymore–but you no longer have to deal with things like this, as we’ve put together a pretty helpful list. The next 30 clothing hacks are guaranteed to come in handy sooner or later.

30. De-Pill Your Wardrobe


You know when you wear your favourite sweater or pants, especially yoga pants, and they get little fabric pills? It always makes anything look old and worn, and even dirty (depending on the fabric). Sometimes you’ll even wash something once and it looks like it’s on its hundredth cycle. There is a solution to this terribly annoying problem, and all you need is a razor. There is no need to go out and buy a de-piller when you can simply use a razor. All you need to do is gently go over the fabric with the razor and it will collect all of the pills, just make sure to empty the razor as you would when shaving. You can save a lot of money every year using this technique.

29. Sew On A Button


I cannot stress enough at how important it is to learn a couple of basic sewing skills so that you can fix mishaps in your wardrobe whenever they occur. The times of over-paying for clothing repair are over; it’s time to take it into your own hands, and you can start by learning how to sew on a button. There are numerous times throughout the average person’s life when a button pops off and throws off everything, and sewing a button takes only about five minutes. Start by creating a knot in the thread you’re using and place the button in the correct spot; then, sew between the holes until the button is secure, and tie it off after wrapping it around the back of the button about six times to finish. If you know someone with a sewing machine, chances are there is an automatic button sewing feature that can make this hack even easier.

28. Tying A Tie


Thanks to the ridiculously detailed chart we have provided above, we don’t need to go into any time-consuming explanation on how to tie each type of knot. However, I can tell you that it’s very helpful and important to know how to at least tie one type of tie knot. Whether you’re female or male, knowing how to successfully secure one of these can come in handy if you know anyone who wears ties; and, who knows, it might earn you a date someday. A tie can be used like a great necklace or statement piece, and there have been numerous women proving that ties are not a gendered piece of clothing–anyone can rock one.

27. Hair Straightener/Iron


I have been using this trick for years and, let me tell you, it works GREAT! Hair straighteners can reach up to 500 degrees and therefore work just as well as irons for quick fixes; and they work especially good for collars, as they are the ideal size to create the perfect fold. I would avoid using them for an entire shirt or dress because it takes forever but if you ever find yourself in a pinch with a wrinkly situation this works perfectly. Just as you would with an iron, make sure the fabric you plan on ironing can resist the heat, and don’t leave it on any spot for an extended period of time.

26. Sharpie For Bleach Issues


I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to change into my specified cleaning clothes before deciding to bleach my entire bathroom. Or the classic, crappy washer situation where you bleach a load of whites and apparently the washer thinks the 80s are back and acid washes the following load of darks. Regardless of how it happens, it’s annoying. But you no longer have to throw your clothes away; instead, if the piece of clothing is black, use a sharpie to color in the spots. This makes the item look brand new.

25. Prevent An Open Fly


Yes, there is such a thing as a zipper holder. You may be asking, “why wouldn’t you just buy bigger pants if your zipper won’t stay up?” If you’re someone like me who fluctuates around 15lbs depending on what day it is, this can be very helpful. Not to mention, sometimes you get a pair of jeans with a lousy zipper that just loves embarrassing you with an open fly on the regular. This is a little contraption that is super simple and effective, and the best part is that you can make a DIY version in five seconds with a rubber band.

24. Shaving Foam Combats Makeup


It may surprise you that shaving cream can be used for something besides the obvious, but it actually works really well. The ingredients work great for getting makeup stains out of clothing, and it can even take your makeup off if you’re ever in a pinch. If you’re ever applying foundation or bronzer and you drop some of it on your shirt, apply a dollop and rub in until you see the stain removing. Be sure to rinse and dry with a hair dryer, or pop it in the wash for the ultimate clean if you have time.

23. Drawstring Charm


Attaching a charm of some sort the end of the drawstring on either a pair of pants or sweatshirt can really help you keep those strings in place. You can really use anything that will securely attach to the end of the string and that is bigger than the hole. Nothing is worse than when you put on a pair of pants and you can’t keep them up because the drawstring is MIA or only on one side; and when that does happen, it’s not like you have all day to search for a clothespin to fish it out. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did this.

22. Break In Shoes With The Freezer


Another annoying problem that we’ve all encountered once or twice is having to break in new shoes. They’re usually a little too narrow around the toes or ankle, leaving you with some not-so-nice blisters. An easy solution to this problem is filling a plastic bag with water, closing it securely, and placing it in the part of the shoe that is too small. When the water freezes it will expand and gently stretch the shoe out. They will fit your foot perfectly every time.

21. Measure Your Waist With Your Neck


Jean shopping can be a cruel and exhausting experience because it takes forever to get them on and off in the dressing room. If you hate that as much as I do, next time skip the dressing room all together and trust your neck. Yes, it sounds strange at first, but the circumference of your neck is usually similar, or identical, to your waist. Wrap the top of the jeans around your neck; if they fit across, they’ll be a great match. Just a thought: you might do this at home first with jeans you already know fit to make sure it’s accurate for you.

20. White Wine Removes Red Wine


Perhaps one of the best cleaning tips out there, because chances are if you’re spilling red wine on yourself, you probably have white wine somewhere near. If you do, dab a little white wine directly onto the red wine stain and watch the magic happen. The theory is that the elements in white wine eliminate the compounds that give red wine its vibrant but dangerous color.

19. Window Cleaner For Patent Leather


Window cleaner actually works great for cleaning your patent leather shoes. Whether they’re sneakers or heels, a little Windex and some paper towel are all you need to clean any dirt or scuffs right off the surface. Avoid any insoles or regular leather on the shoes, as the chemicals will stain and possibly ruin it. I guess Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was right, Windex fixes everything (in this case, at least).

18. Lemon Juice And Baking Soda


Do you ever get those yellow, smelly sweat stains on your clothes? It’s a really annoying issue that many people have to deal with, as it’s a natural way for the body to cool itself. A good solution for eliminating the smell is to combine equal parts baking soda and lemon juice, which will eliminate any trace of a smell in an instant. If you’re in a pinch and notice you’ve got a little underarm situation, a wedge of lemon will do.

17. Glue Gun Hemming


It may not be the best long-term solution for your hemming difficulties but a glue gun works when you’re in a pinch. If you purchase a new pair of pants for a work event or night out, and you don’t have time to get them tailored, grab a glue gun and hem away. It only takes a couple of minutes for the glue gun to heat up enough to be able to do the job, and the glue isn’t thin enough to leak through the material. The best part is, when you want to take them out to get them professionally done or permanently sewn, the hardened glue can be ripped off with only a little force, keeping the fabric intact.

16. Vinegar And Cold Water Stain Remover


Believe it or not, the mixture of vinegar and cold water creates a natural stain remover that works great on leather. If you have a pair of boots chances are you’ve started to notice the stains that occur after wearing them for while, especially during the winter. Using a spray bottle, mix together cold water and white vinegar, equally, and spray stained areas, scrubbing them with a shoe brush. You will have new-looking shoes in no time.

15. Stretch Those Shoes


If you’re not into the idea of putting your shoes in the freezer, there is another way you can make them comfortable without sacrificing your feet. It’s always flats that like to try and cut off circulation to your baby toes… Put on some thick wool socks and put on your shoes. Next, blow dry the areas of the shoes that are too tight and the heat will loosen up the leather. That being said, don’t try this if your shoes are plastic.

14. Stuck Zipper?


It’s always a downer when you put on a jacket and find that the zipper is totally stuck, unwilling to budge. There is good news, though; with a little vaseline or similar petroleum jelly like substance, you can get the metal on the zipper moving again. Next time you find a jacket in the clearance section of your favorite store with a broken zipper, and an “as is” sticker, you can get a great deal and a working jacket!

13. Pull A Snag Back Into Place


You no longer have to experience painful emotions when your favorite sweater gets a snag, just fix it on the spot. It all has to do with the direction of the thread in the fabric. Whichever way the snagged thread is going, pull the rest of the fabric in the opposite direction to pull it back into place. If the snag has a bit of a hole at the origin, put it back into place as much as you can and then pull the thread through the hole to tie it off on the inside, making it invisible.

12. Dawn Dish Soap Removes Oil


There is a reason why Dawn has been around so long and why they did amazing with their ‘save the animal’ campaigns–it’s because their dish soap works wonders on oil. Not only does it safely remove oil stains off of animals, it does the same thing for your clothes. It’s gentle on fabric, yet tough on oil. One tiny oil stain can ruin an entire shirt, so next time you run into this dilemma, try out a little dish soap. You can either dab the stain and scrub with water, or spot clean and throw it in the wash.

11. Mend Underwire Adhesive Bandages


For some reason, the underwire in some bras tend to go haywire and start stabbing women’s chests for no good reason. Bras are not cheap either, so it’s about time there is a good solution to this problem. The second skin bandages work perfect to patch up these little holes and keep underwire from popping out and making your bra uncomfortable. To avoid this problem altogether, hand wash and air dry your bras in order to keep the underwire and lace detail intact.

10. Moisturise Your Leather


If you want your leather shoes to last, it’s smart to keep them moisturized–after all, they are made out of animal skin. It’s best to use specific leather moisturizer, but if you’re in a pinch your daily lotion will do. It keeps the leather from looking dull and cracked, much like it does for your skin. Apply a small amount to a cloth and rub it in around the entire shoe. The best thing about quality leather shoes is that you can always give them a little TLC and make them look brand new.

9. Baking Soda And Sneakers


Baking soda is great for a variety of things, and it’s extra effective on your sneakers. Many people suffer from foot odor and it’s totally normal, but nevertheless, it can be embarrassing. Placing some baking soda either directly in your shoes or in a bag made of a sheer fabric can help absorb and eliminate odors. Baking soda also does wonders for cleaning and brightening white sneakers when mixed with water and scrubbed.

8. Clear Nail Polish For Buttons


If you don’t have time to follow step 29 but your button is about to pop off and you can see the thread fraying, grab some clear nail polish. If you put a dollop on the fraying thread, it will dry and prevent the button from falling off. Make sure you give it sufficient time to dry though, or you’ll get it everywhere. This isn’t a long term solution but it will definitely help when you need it most.

7. Freeze Your Jeans


Jeans can really make an outfit but they can cost you an arm and a leg, so you really want them to last. The problem is when you wash them they go through a lot of wear and tear–especially if you dry them afterward. Of course, you can’t just leave them dirty and not give them that clean smell that comes with a fresh pair of jeans. The solution is to put them in the freezer. Freezing your jeans will eliminate the smell molecules by killing them; and for dirt, all you need is to occasionally spot clean them. Roll a fresh dryer sheet over them to give them some fragrance. This will make your jeans last a lot longer.

6. Lace Leggings For Holes


Although ripped jeans are coming back into fashion, some people aren’t so into them. Holes in jeans essentially defeat the purpose of keeping you warm, but I wouldn’t be so quick to throw them out. Instead of patching them, you can switch it up by wearing lace or colored leggings to add an extra layer of warmth, while keeping it stylish. This will also help you save money and, combined with hack number seven, your jeans will last forever.

5. Baby Wipes For Deodorant Stains


Deodorant stains are absolutely the worst because they always seem to catch you by surprise and, of course, when you’re just about finished getting ready. If you have this problem regularly, let your deodorant fully dry before putting your shirt on, or keep some baby wipes at home. The moist towelettes are perfect for this quick job and they won’t completely soak your shirt.

4. Soda For Grease


It’s slightly concerning to know that soda can actually clean up grease stains because it makes you wonder why we drink it. Nonetheless, it works wonders if you ever spill some grease on your clothes. This makes cooking a lot less stressful because you no longer have to worry about ruining your clothes while you create masterpieces. It’s not just any soda though, it’s specifically Coke.

3. Glue For Traction


If you live in a particularly cold area then you are well aware of how slippery it can get outside. Falling because your shoes don’t have enough traction can be really embarrassing, painful, and very dangerous. A simple solution is to use some industrial glue on the bottom of each sole, in three thick lines. This gives you enough traction to dance around town all you want without having to worry about slipping.

2. Paper Clip Bra Fix


If you want a clean, sleek look when you’re wearing a tank top, a paperclip might just become your best friend. You can easily hide your bra straps by simply connecting them with a paper clip, and it takes about five seconds. Yes, they do have products that are specifically made for this, but why spend the money when you don’t have to?

1. Add Cups For Support


A final tip to leave you with is this amazing hack for all those bra wearers out there. Have you ever bought a dress and loved it so much but wish it had a little more support or, at the very least, a little camouflage? Well, it’s actually pretty easy to sew in full blown underwire cups or basic padding and can be done with a needle and thread. When you’re attaching the pads, make sure not to sew all the way through so that the stitches don’t show through the front.